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Enigmatical - Transmission II

Transmission II
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 August 2019, 2:06 PM

Conspiracy theories have been, and will always be, when it comes to the existence of alien life among, or watching our every move, studying us for purposes unknown. However, there are maybe those that do know, but they are not telling us anything about it, guess what? It is classified, a buried secret for the know to or know how to acknowledge. The studio project named ENIGMATICAL went onwards to study the agenda behind the secrecy concerning aliens, and possible invasion to surprise the world’s society, in their own special way, going through extremes and mechanical methods to make it happen, this time around with “Transmission II”.

I have always known that Black Metal could be twisted and turned, rearmed by various elements in order to create the next mischief, total obscurity. “Transmission II”, recorded and performed by a duo called The Entity, the multi-instrumentalist, and Simon Chttln, as the voice, is no less than a diabolical work, entertaining the idea of the occult along with the theoretical construct of alien lifeforms. However, as I mentioned, “Transmission II” is not your average Black Metal album, it haunts in its own way to penetrate through the listener’s defenses, and into its thought patterns.

Gathering elements from Industrial Metal, which has been proven to merge well with Black Metal, along with additional sampling and uneven songwriting, being divergent is key. “Transmission II” is a sort of an unsolved mystery and I bet that it would take you more than a single listen in order to actually comprehend what it stands for. It is horrifying, yet also pleasant at times.

I liked most “We Are The Demons”, for once because it created a sense of suspension, letting you in a reality that is not easy to digest, being lied to all along, while slowly unraveling the horror right there before you. The overall atmosphere of the darkened music is perfect for the occasion, and the growls are creepy enough to pass on the message. However, maybe a downer for me are the programmed drums, it is hard to take to be honest. I know that there are plenty of Black Metal albums, usually with multi-instrumentalists, that use this method, yet I am not for it.

Generally, this is an interesting piece of belligerent, yet cosmic, Black Metal infringement into your shakey reality. I indulge you to listen.

3 Star Rating

1. We Are The Demons
2. E.T.A.I.
3. Dark Energy Entities
The Entity - Guitars / Bass / Keyboards / Samples / Programming
Simon Chttln - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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