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Ennoven - Redemption Award winner

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 May 2018, 11:44 AM

ENNOVEN is a one-man project inspired by beauty, and the power of nature, located in Warsaw, Poland. “Redemption” was originally released in 2014, and recently, Northern Silence Productions picked up the band for a contract for three albums, including a soon to be CD release of “Redemption,” which contains four tracks.

The near-six minute “Spirits” opens the album. The opening guitar sequence and background ambiance remind me of the band INSOMNIUM. It has that refined grace and regal overtones that make it sound magnanimous. The sound then drops off a bit to let you soak in the atmosphere. Mist rises from the earth and lifts to show mountain spires. Within the mix are some vocal shrieks, but they don’t play a prominent role in the sound. “Ethereal Winter” is a ten-minute opus. The subject talks about creation and death, and the phrase “ethereal winter” could be referring to the latter. The celestial entrance is all about setting a tone; a scene. In this case, it’s rumbling thunder, and ominous skies…a foreboding sign of something wicked. The vocals are like tortured whispers carried into a gale wind. It builds to a full sound after the half-way mark; a hypnotic trance of gorgeously crafted guitars. The layering and tracking are fantastic. Waves crash over you and despair surrounds you…is this the end?

Segueing into the four-minute instrumental “Of the Ice,” the sound remains despondent and hopeless. The skies lose their luster and all turns to dull shades of grey. Is Hell the absence of all matter? Can people survive in a totally solitary existence? “Reborn” is the near fifteen-minute closing song. This song is about resolve and rebirth. “Every end is dim…every end is dire. But in the darkness, there is always a light. As above, as below, there is fire. As above, as below, there begins the life.” Time almost ceases to exist and this song creeps along, registering nearly motionless. Yes, it crushes you with the weight of the world. As it fades out, it takes you with it.

A lot of Black Metal bands who claim to be “atmospheric” fail to deliver. The temptation to choose heaviness over melody and aura is just too high. That is not the case with “Redemption” by ENNOVEN. Mateusz paints a magical landscape that is both desolate and alluring, and a place you can only find in your dreams. Though it has only four songs, it feels like a complete story, so any more might interfere. The album will seduce you, and I am happy to hear that Northern Silence Productions is bringing it back around.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Spirits
2. Ethereal Winter
3. Of the Ice
4. Reborn
Mateusz Sworakowski – Compositions
Record Label: Northern Silence Productions


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