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Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Magic Chaos Psychedelia
by Drago at 28 February 2013, 3:19 PM

Formed in 1998 by guitarist N.e.c.r.o., Greece’s ENSHADOWED are back with their first release in nine years. Consisting of all new members, N.e.c.r.o. continues on the bands legacy with “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” released through Singapore’s Pulverised Records. A battering and hammering affair that is inspired by BELPHEGOR, BEHEMOTH and IMMORTAL, this is a compact tight focused release.

ENSHADOWED consist of former and current members of BUIRAL HORDES, MERCILESS CRUCIFIXTION and NAER MATARON. With the addition of the new members their sound has shifted away from a blend of black and death metal and now focus just on their black metal influence. The sound of the record is top notch as SEPTICFLESH drummer Fotis Bernando is handling the recording, mixing and production. He also contributes percussion on the cold harsh title track "Magic Chaos Psychedelia".

ENSHADOWED’s sound has evolved since their last release, 2003s “Intensity”. The band has expanded its song writing and is incorporating thick and heavy riffs to accompany the fast tremolo blast beat riffs that fill the record. Overall, the musicianship is an improvement and the record is stronger for it. New vocalist Serpent has an incredible raspy vocal that fits their overall essence better as this is the strongest the band has ever sounded.

While the record is filled with classic Black Metal tendencies, ENSHADOWED also sprinkle in experimental ideas to freshen up their sound. Opener “Stary Throne of It” starts the record with some classic riffing while blast beats and fast guitar picking dominate. Half way through the song we transform between a groove head crushing riff and an ice-cold picked arpegiated riff before the blasting kicks back in. “Black Holes, Death Planets” starts with a palm muted thrash oriented riff. It then breaks into the coolest riff on the record as we are treated to a Black Metal lesson. Another amazing guitar picked icy riff interplays with a thrash influenced headbanger as the best song on the album closes.

ENSHADOWED has released their strongest album to date but it is still in a cluttered genre where we have seen a lot of great releases already in 2013 and  it doesn’t stand out. This is a solid record and black metal fans will eat it up but by incorporating more guitar leads and focusing on continuing to expand their progressive and thrash influences it will help expand their audience.

Nine years is a long time in between releases but the overhaul of the line-up was exactly what ENSHADOWED needed as the band is playing at its highest level. “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” sees a band leaping forward in quality and musicianship while at the same time staying true to their satanic roots. Hopefully they can follow this up quickly and continue to expand their experimental brand of Black Metal.

3 Star Rating

1. Stary Throne of It
2. Is Venit Ex Abyssus
3. Black Holes, Death Planets
4. The Scenario
5. Surrealistic Shade of Color Black
6. Dethroned
7. Inner Psy-Trip
8. The Dual Hypostasis of Nihil
9. Magic Chaos Psychedelia
Serpent – Vocals
Golgotha – Bass
N.e.c.r.o. – Guitars
I.K. - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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