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Enter – 1991 – Images from Floating Worlds

1991 – Images from Floating Worlds
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 October 2020, 11:57 AM

ENTER finally get the wages of their many years of work, even if the days of her active career were a little longer ago. Because now the previously unreleased demo recordings by the Italians are finally being made available to the public and published under the album title "1991 - Images From Floating Worlds.” The album contains six tracks.

“Atlantis (An Empire)” opens the album, with textural keyboards and some drums and bass. It picks up a bit, with the keys swirling and Marco showing his drum skills. The vocals are old school in nature…high, clean, and with a lot of vibrato. The lack of a guitarist makes for some interesting music, but the bassist and keyboardist make up for it. “Still Ages” opens with soft, acoustical guitars and vocals. The dual harmonic vocals are melancholy in nature, and it remains this way throughout the song, with some peaks here and there.

“Lemuria” features keys, bass and drums in the beginning. Bassist Franco Avalli is quite skilled. The song has doleful tones, with a few rays of light, and some vocal peaks. “Enter” is a very short song, featuring the talents of bassist Avalli, keyboardist Bulfon, and drummer Ferranti. “Holy Office” has a light and airy feeling to it, with melancholy vocals. The sound is a bit thin overall…I wish there were more punch. But the keyboard solo is nice, and I really like that I can hear the bass notes clearly. The vocals have a longing to them that make your heart ache.

“Gondwana” closes the album, and it’s the longest song on the album, at just under eight minutes in length. Once again, the bass work of Avalli stands out. It takes a bit of a meandering path along the way, like taking a stroll in the part with no destination in mind. Finishing strong, with glittering keys, it has a sense of the grandiose. Overall, this was a puzzling album for me. Not having many songs with guitar is surely fine, and the bassist and keyboardist were able to fill in the gaps, but the sound was just too thin, and I wasn’t sure where they were headed. I suppose it’s about the journey, and not the destination, but this really didn’t do much for me.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 2
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Atlantis (An Empire)
2. Still Ages
3. Lemuria
4. Enter
5. Holy Office
6. Gondwana
Vittorio Ballerio – Vocals
Gabriele Bulfon – Keys, Vocals
Franco Avalli – Bass
Marco Ferranti – Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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