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Enthral - Spiteful Dirges

Spiteful Dirges
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 18 January 2010, 8:01 PM

ENTHRAL’ is a pretty common name for a band in the Metal scene (especially if you add one more "L"), but these guys are surely not just one average act with a common name. I guess you need proof on that, huh!

ENTHRAL’s members (and ex members) have participated or still participate in bands like DIMMU BORGIR, THE LEGION, SJODOGG, KOLDBRANN, URGEHAL and ENDSTILLE, and more important, this band already counts almost one and a half decade!

Still not enough proof? Yeah, you’ve got a point here since the gathering of musicians with a "heavy" bio doesn’t always produce a good result. The fact is that the result is really good in "Spiteful Dirges". ENTHRAL have managed to gather all the best elements of known bands and create a mini CD that will definitely make you impatiently wait for their next full-length step!

- DARKTHRONE’s punkish attitude? Check!
- A bit of Death Metal to increase the brutality? Check!
- Some BATHORY influences to pay tribute to their roots and add a slight epic tone to their music? Check!
- Hellish vocals? Check!
- Wicked guitar melodies? Check!
- Rotten production, but not too rotten so as not to hide the details? Check!
- A more brutal version of CELTIC FROST? Hell yes!

All in all, ENTHRAL are surely not the band that will amaze every single metalhead or change the way you see extreme music, but they will surely make everyone who appreciates Black/Death Metal shit his pants! Thumbs up!

3 Star Rating

  1. Death To You All
  2. Celebration Of Agony
  3. A Spiteful Dirge
Kjetil Hektoen - Vocals, Drums
Gunnhild Bratset - Guitar
Kai Asvik - Bass
Record Label: Duplicate Records


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