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Enthroned - Tetra Karcist (CD)

Tetra Karcist
by Yiannis Doukas at 25 October 2007, 3:30 PM

The seventh studio album finds the Belgian blacksters with major line-up changes. Lord Sabathan and the others decided to take a divorce. It's a little strange since many of you had a quite clear image of who was behind the microphone but shit happens. To make your pain go away let me remind you that Nornagest was and is the main composer, so don't expect any musical differences. On the other hand, Lord Sabathan was the person who started the band and his vocals was a trademark for ENTHRONED. The reasons behind this departure must be the loss of interest and devotion from him. At least, this is what Nornagest said. If this is true may be this is the best solution for all. I mean, none of us wants someone pretending to be someone else. We must also welcome Phorgath in bass duties and Ahephaim again behind the drum kit.
The engineering - once more - was done by Harris Johns but this time the band recorded in Dungeon studios and not at the famous Spiderhouse. Production and sound are good enough except the drums that are 'plastic'. I would like them more physical, sometimes they are completely 'computerized' and this is unfair for their drummer and his nice playing. It's not good also that the drums sound is above the other instruments, with a consequence in the burying of vocals or the bass sound.
Tetra Karcist starts very good with an intro-song Ingressus Regnum Spiritus that nails down the listener with some Gregorian psalms. Pray and Tellum Scorpionis are nice black metal songs without vaunting for any innovation. Deviant Nerve Angelus is a killer intro for The Burning Dawn which is - in my opinion - by far the best moment; I loved its refrain and its riffs. Through The Cortex is in the same level as Pray and The Seven Ensigns Of Creation; the difference for it is its mid-tempo. These songs are not crap but they don't fill me or make me feel anything special. Nox starts like a re-circling of the intro, again the Gregorian psalms are present. Vermin has a nice thrashing riff under the solo in the middle that may remind you their thrash riffs in their previous two albums. The finale for this is good, like a snake eating its tail; it has the intro part plus nice vocals (like summoning), nice drum parts and a good guitar idea.
Antares can be viewed as an outro, and it is in ambient electronic fields; it's better to listen it in darkness. The second best track.
 Tetra Karcist is not a disappointment, the playing is good, some solos are very nice but I'm afraid it can be seen also as a stereotypical album. It looks like it was made urgent. ENTHRONED looks to me that they have more vigorous or possibility for something better. There is a history behind this name.
I'll sum it up by saying that in the digipack version of this album you will find two tracks with backing vocals by MkM of ANTAEUS, plus Nornagest wrote lyrics for Blood Libels.

3 Star Rating

Ingressus Regnum Spiritus
Tellum Scorpionis
Deviant Nerve Angelus
The Burning Dawn
Through The Cortex
The Seven Ensigns Of Creation
Nornagest - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Nguaroth - Lead Guitars, Vocals
Phorgath - Bass, Vocals
Ahephaim - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Napalm Records


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