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Entity - Phobia Of The Formless

Phobia Of The Formless
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 November 2017, 10:41 PM

In the last couple of albums that I have been listening to, I stumbled upon future prospects, bands that potentially will have a saying in the Metal / Rock scene in their own locality and hopefully worldwide one day. Always a pleasure to discover new acts that appeared to have what it takes, at least musically, to gain proper recognition. Hailing from the cold Canadian lands, newly signed to the Polish Extreme Metal label, Via Nocturna, Death Metal activists ENTITY swarm with their debut “Phobia Of The Formless”. With a pack load of determination, they rehash a polished Death Metal output that is steps in as a borderline between past and present, a fairly inspiring sharpnel of aggression that is no less than some of the veteran savages still lurking the brutal lands.

Other than being at a crossroads of the Death Metal heritage and current status, ENTITY shares values of the technical ends of the subgenre. Their direction felt like early 90s BENEDICTION meets 90s DEATH along with several attributes of DEW SCENTED and VADER. Pretty interesting I’d say. While listening I noticed that the band has been trying to be nearly everywhere within “Phobia Of The Formless”, instituting complexities, to keep themselves away from a traditional loop. However, at times their attempts falter a bit, losing the context of certain songs, yet still creating interesting arrangements that shows a measure of ample progression that could spike something in mind of the technical Death Metal fans. When as not establishing a melodic foundation, which in their case I rapidly found out that it wasn’t really necessary, ENTITY treat some of the tunes well with an old school exchange of solos, some quite impressive and some as if we improvised right at the recording stage, still unsure of what exactly to play.

Heading down to the trenches of “Phobia Of The Formless” I was caught by a few landmines along the way. “Scaphism” appeared to be a DEATH inspired tune, sharing additional features of the European end of the table. This is a rather interesting song, consisting of varied riffs and aggressive tempo bursts. “Unintelligent Design”, opposite to its title, delivers an intelligent Death Metal devastation, old school tenacity along with contemporary constructiveness, an amazing turnout example of when old meets new. “The Flayed One” is a riff based grinder, piercing with utter pugnacity, storming inside the human mind. It is one of the best inceptions of the band’s sharpened sound. “Horrendous and Repugnant” decimates as a brutal attack run, right ot the face, lying down the law as a modern Death metal institution. Furthermore, it is another attempt to mix things up, the C part and lead section taking proper attention. Even so, it is also one of the examples that shows the uncertainty behind the soloing.

As a part of a vast surge of bands out there, ENTITY will have to continue to prove themselves. I liked the way their music is going. They showed ample modish technical abilities that unlike bigger acts, still allowed them to breath fire throughout their material and keep the old flame going.

Purchase Link: Via Nocturna

3 Star Rating

1. Instinct to Exterminate
2. Scaphism
3. Vindictive Killing
4. The Flayed One
5. I, Somniphobia (Nightmare Interlude)
6. Horrendous and Repugnant
7. Unintelligent Design
8. 200,000 Years
9. Schisophrenic Agoraphobia (Outro)
Adam Kozak - Guitars / Vocals
Kyle Braun - Drums
Tyler Augusto - Guitars
Carl Brown - Bass
Record Label: Via Nocturna


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