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Entrails - World Inferno

World Inferno
by Gabriel “Svrtr” Zimmerman at 11 July 2017, 7:46 AM

It is not uncommon to hear of a band making old demos that were never released, breaking up, getting back together, and releasing them. However, today’s band ENTRAILS followed the  same path but with a twist in that the guitarist who got the band back together, Jimmy Lundqvist, got the band back together precisely to release the old demos. In fact, when they got together in the 90s they never released a single thing being dissatisfied with the outcome. Come 2008 and the band gets back together and begins to release their Linneryd, Sweden brand of death metal including today’s World Inferno. Without further ado let us dive right in.

The album opens with the namesake of the album  “World Inferno”, and after a somewhat cliche buildup that many metalheads end up being a sucker for anyways, the album dives right into some strong classic old school Swedish death metal. Brutal, gritty, chaotic, and glorious old school Swedish death metal. It slowly transitions into something more melodic with its riffs and beats slowing down with a choir-esque sound wafting in the background, before returning to the classic OSSDM sound. Admittedly the song is simplistic and nothing innovative, but the song is well made and gets the job done, creating a strong opening for the rest of the album. By comparison, “Serial Murder (Death Squad)” opens with a sound showing a somewhat more modern approach, sounding something that would be heard in an opening in the late 2000's onwards, and the rest of the song reflects this while still overall retaining the OSSDM sound. There are some great riffs that reflect a more modernized sound, with numerous riffs sounding inspired by modern Swedish Death and Melo-Death gods such as AT THE GATES or AMON AMARTH, yet overall the song again is somewhat simplistic but still gets the job done well and is thoroughly enjoyable. It is rather odd in that while sounding original yet inspired it feels lacking, perhaps best described as being creatively lacking yet still original. When focusing just on listening and enjoying it is hard to not enjoy, yet when dissecting the finer details it is a small yet ever present irk in the back of one’s mind.

This problem feels far less noticeable in “The Soul Collector” thankfully. While still retaining many of the hallmarks of OSSDM and potentially treading close to some cliche riff pitfalls, the song manages to retain a sense of individuality, almost leading you to expect a certain progression in sound but changing and saying unique. Yet admittedly, it is a good song but nothing great or outstanding as a whole, though there are certain moments that shine brightly. Certainly  a song worth checking out. Finally I will close with “Suffer”, which is arguably the most hardcore/punk inspired track on the album. Perhaps this was intentional as a joke for the name, or perhaps the lyrics were very deliberately made to match the sound (though while I say it has the most hardcore inspired sound, it is still a healthy dose of crushing death metal). When looking at the individual parts of the track, it sound good, nothing fantastic, yet looking on the song with retrospect and re-listening to the song there is a sense of progression that is impressive. Every individual aspect flows well together to create a whole far greater than its parts as opposed to being equal to them. The riffs are often nothing to scoff at either, many of which are still very head banging inducing. It is certainly an oddity on the album, yet it still manages to find a place right at home.

It is here I will end this review. As stated, it is undoubtedly very good, but it is nothing great. Seeing the band’s origin I would give them some leeway, especially with much of their material having been repurposed from the time that was the height of Old School Swedish Death metal, and while much of it is well made it is still a bit simplistic and certainly isn’t innovative. I would still highly recommend giving this album a listen though, as it is solid in every regard. As usual, I wish ENTRAILS the best of luck with future albums and look forward to what the next album might bring.

Songwriting 7
Originality 6
Memorability 7
Production 8

3 Star Rating

1. World Inferno
2. Condemned to the Grave
3. Serial Murder (Death Squad)
4. The Soul Collector
5. Dead and Buried
6. Insane Slaughter
7. Into Internal Fire
8. Suffer
9. The Hour of the Casket
10. The Blood Breed
Jimmy Lundqvist - Guitar
Pontus “Penki” Samuelsson - Guitar
Tommy Carlsson - Bass, Vocals
Martin “Fjalar” Mikaelsson - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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