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Entrench – Inevitable Decay

Inevitable Decay
by Vasilis Odontidis at 21 November 2011, 8:38 PM

ENTRENCH hail from Västerås, a town in central Sweden very close to Stockholm. After five demos, “Inevitable Decay” came out as their first full length album. Their musical style can be defined as Teutonic Thrash Metal. From the album's artwork to the album sound production, songwriting etc., everything has that old school feeling. If you are a diehard fan of that approach like old KREATOR, DESTRUCTION or SLAYER, this album is for you.

While having a very specific path that they have been following for some time now, ENTRENCH did it in their own way and pretty good at it. The riffs on the album are terrific. The songs have constant changes in tempo with haunting mid cadence parts and vengeful blasts of raw Thrash madness. The songs are all well developed and none can be considered as filler. The songs that I liked most were “As Dawn Breaks”, “Doubt What’s Left”, “Crossing the River” and “Where Only Ruins Remain”.

Of course there are also things that I don’t like about this album. One of the most common problems for me in all those old recordings is that the bass levels are really low. This record is no exception and I think it is strange that in 2011 to not be able to hear the bass player’s channel, as the record misses some of its dynamics.

The final verdict is that for people that enjoy 80's Teutonic Thrash sound this album is a must. It is an honest effort from a group of guys that seriously love what they do thus making it look good. ENTRENCH are not redefining the genre but are faithful to the roots of Thrash and they are continuing the legacy of its creators. However, this record aims towards a very limited target group of Metal listeners and as such I will be providing the final review grade.

4 Star Rating

1. As Dawn Breaks
2. Debt of Sorrow
3. Portrait of a Phobia
4. Into Oblivion
5. Doubt What’s Left
6. Blind Illusion
7. Crossing the River
8. Where Only Ruins Remain
Fredrik Pellbrink - Vocals, Guitar
Joel Sundin - Bass
Victor Holmström - Drums
Record Label: Abyss Records


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