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Entropia – Total

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 February 2023, 9:34 AM

From Agonia Records’ webpage, “ENTROPIA combines a number of genres, from Krautrock and Electronic Music, to Sludge and Black Metal, filtered through a prism of metallic extremity.” The newest album here has five songs, and “Retox” is the first. It’s an eight-minute beast. There are heavy and complicated Progressive structures in this song, and the only constant are the vocal screams. Melodies are there, but before they can break out, they are blocked by thick walls of weighted riff accents. Still, the sound is pleasing. The instrumental sequence towards the end is as revered as GOJIRA, but with ENTHEOS’s own sound.

“Mania” is also a long affair, beginning with clean melodies of a warm spring day, but segueing into darker clouds and heaviness in the riffs. Complex rhythms carry the song forward, but not without glorious moments of melody. “Orbit” begins with a slow, and somewhat dissonant groove, where the melodies are more subdued. As more light comes through the window, they transform into more tactile objects. The vocal screams however cut through the canvas like a sharp box cutter. The rhythms become elaborate, and the melodies begin to really come through strong. Chaos begins to build, but the structures are held intact.

The title track is a 16-minute opus, containing nearly everything except for the kitchen sink. Weighted, punishing passages are followed by more ambient ones. Your mind slowly begins to drift back and forth in and out of consciousness, but the heavy accents keep you as focused as possible. The die down after the half-way mark is pure bliss. Smooth, warm tones take over, and you feel cleansed. Transitioning back to heavy tones, the song begins an assault on your senses, slowing down to really take effect. “Final” closes the album. Mellow tones open the song. Hard rhythms take over from there, but the melodies remain. Keyboards wander in for a spell, creating a mystical sound. Dark clouds advance on the horizon. The ending is an eerie sequence.

Overall, this was a convoluted and complex offering, but not one that was too hard to digest for me. I like the balance between the heavy, twisting Progressive passages and the ones with more melody and ambiance. The constant on the album is twofold: first, the vocal screams, and second, the band’s highly technical display of musicianship. The production is stellar, and this is an Extreme Metal album that any fan can enjoy.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Retox
2. Mania
3. Orbit
4. Total
5. Final
Patryk Budzowski – Drums
Damian Dudek - Keyboards
Michał Dziedzic – Vocals, Guitars, Samples
Kuba Cołta – Guitars
Mike – Bass
Record Label: Agonia Records


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