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Entry Wound - Sickening Major

Entry Wound
Sickening Major
by Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan at 11 March 2014, 12:48 AM

Greece! I love Greece, great country, food, people and Metal fans. Then there's the music. With a history that gave the world democracy and a foundation for the arts, diplomacy and creative imagination amongst other things Greece is suffering right now, sad times. The Euro being a major cause of a Greek world turned black. Yet the people are not for turning and you can't keep a good man down, so they will fight as they always have for the good and will come back eventually stronger than before and with a resilience that is part of the Greek makeup, I continue to admire and celebrate the strength of these amazing people. What has all that got to do with ENTRY WOUND? They hail from Greece and so with that as a backdrop, I expected great things. Listed as, Groove, Thrash, Power Metal… There was enough titling in that to make juices flow in anticipation. Produced by renowned Greek guitarist Dennis Konstantindis is ENTRY WOUND'S debut release.

So, ''Uncaged''? Groove – tick, Thrash – tick, Power – tick… so far so good… Apart from an annoying ring from the snare every time it is hit, the groove is all there… Anselmo style and sound in the vocal department, can't be a bad thing right? Nice introduction track to the album. ''A Life To Die For'', yeah baby… intense, killer riffage and Mr. Spiros Haralambous double bass drum work thundering through this track gives the impression he must have thighs like a fucking Rhino, frantic pace but with a precise execution, impressed. ''Make no Mistake'', takes the pace down a little to something more mid step but again, opens with a fucking killer riff and some nice solo work. Loving the main riff too and again crisp clean and well put together. The solo is cool and takes the song into its Thrash conclusion with the solo part II and low tis cool. A more modern metal approach to ''The Likes Of You'' but then why not… They show not only heritage but their contemporary influence here also but they do it well and it feels right and honest. Next up is ''D13'', guns and war, ''little boy don't be shy, carry it with pride'', a narrative on the futility of war but it's inevitable occurrence over and over because we are men… and that's what we do… Great piece ''D13'', from all players, great performances, love the groove again and a great arrangement. Like  (as you say on Facebook). ''Give You Hell'' a little more straight forward than ''D13'' in shape but the guitar work later in the song… again had me smiling. ''Lovesong'', well is it? With lyrics like, ''Till you became a Psycho'' and ''You make me sick'' I guess…erm…? Well no… in a way… nice guitar motif though and again some excellent percussive work but that snare again? Not too sure on that sound… shame but the playing is above it so who cares.

''Retaliation'' keeps the pace moderate and pushes the consistent groove…pre vocal I love this… I mean I don't dislike the vocal performance Arthur Ovakimian has been consistently good throughout, it's just a didn't like the shape and where it sat took the edge off slightly… Jeff Mantas should produce these guys, this track he'd have made sound fucking huge!! It’s big but could have been huge. And that brings us to the final number, ''Hand Over Fist''. I wanted them to close in style and those fucking bass drums… driving riff, solo work… yeah term and dive that shit too. ''Overload, Overkill'' yeah…closer indeed.

Nice book end to a very cool and enjoyable album. Let's get another album soon but go get this one and enjoy it, I fucking did.

4 Star Rating

1. Uncaged
2. A Life To Die For
3. Make No Mistake
4. The Likes Of You
5. D13
6. Give You Hell
7. Lovesong
8. Retaliation
9. Hand Over Fist
Arthur Ovakimian – Guitar / Vocals
Dimitris Valeris - Guitar
Spiros Haralambous- Drums
Kostas Kiriakis– Bass
Record Label: Independent


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