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Enzo and the Glory Ensemble - In the Name of the Son Award winner

Enzo and the Glory Ensemble
In the Name of the Son
by JOGANEGAR at 13 January 2018, 8:20 AM

Only a word like grandiloquence can define a band like ENZO AND THE GLORY ENSEMBLE, and only faith can move and create an album like In the Name of the Son, Enzo’s 2017 epic creation. Envisioned by the Italian musician Enzo Donnarumma, along with the participation of such accomplished musicians as Marty Friedman, In the Name of the Son provides a unique and powerful musical experience not only for the fans of Christian Symphonic Progressive Metal, but for anyone who can appreciate the quality of musical pieces with little to no comparison in the actual world.

A deep philosophical meaning along with a masterful songwriting are the main core of this album that works as a follow up to two thousand fifteen’s In the Name of the Father, with songs holding a strong reference to Biblical and clerical subjects and a strong choral presence throughout the majority of the songs, In the Name of the Son is both a reminder of the immense talent and creativity of the man behind this project, an artist well versed in theater dramaturgy, production and performance and the amazing power of Metal even in a field of action which many may consider contrary to the true target of the genre whatsoever

A continuous parade of emotions accompanied with high levels of musical proficiency and the union of various talents to honor a higher being, that when approached in this manner, can really mean the true path to light; maybe, if the word of the lord had been taught to me in the same way this record was created when I was growing up in Sunday school, I would have paid more attention, since ENZO AND THE GLORY ENSEMBLE honor the lord with their deeds and envision the clarity of mind that comes only with profound moments of mysticism, The Metal Temple welcomes this, their second album into the illuminated halls to remind us, that music too can work in mysterious ways.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Waiting for The Son
2. The Tower of Babel
3. Luke 128
4. Psalm 8
5. Glory to God
6. Psalm 133
7. Magnificat
8. Isaiah 53
9. Mathew 1125
10. The Trial
11. Eternal Rest
12. Tedeum
13. If Not You
Enzo Donnarumma - Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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