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Ephel Duath - Through My Dog's Eyes (CD)

Ephel Duath
Through My Dog's Eyes
by Harry Papadopoulos at 15 January 2009, 11:10 AM

Instead of a prologue: We all are aware of the economic crisis and that CD sales are going down. So it was inevitable to have most of the new releases in a digital form. Of course the thing for us is not the CD itself, not that we won't take with joy a promo album in our hands, but the music. So the record companies must find another way to protect their product, if they think they should do, and not putting voice or noise over the songs! It's making the listening of the album quite irritating and it's getting on our nerves. After that small introduction, and while an extremely beep was coming out of my speakers again, let's see what new release from EPHEL DUATH, Through My Dog's Eyes has to say.

EPHEL DUATH is a band that has no borders. When we are saying experimental, we definitely mean it! The band went a step forward with its fifth full-length album, Trough My Dog's Eyes. Formed back in 1998, with the intent to experiment in the sphere of extreme music they have released four albums so far. Leaving back their Black Metal aesthetics, and moving towards a more Jazz/Funck area, EPHEL DUATH always had a surprise for their fans. As for the concept behind their latest release, if you haven't found it out yet from the title, let me tell you that it is life and the relationship between a dog and his boss, but from the dog's point of view! Bizarre, eh? But that's the point!

As for the music, well, there is not a label that you can put. If I dare to say something in order to make you understand what their orientation is, I'd say that it is highly influenced by their excellency of Frank Zappa and Mike Patton, with a pinch of Metal and 'fuzzy' Rock. The rhythms through the album are mid-tempo in the majority of Through My Dog's Eyes, and the weird thing is that, despite this is not an easy-listening album, it floats easily and you don't even know when the time has passed, by isolating as much as possible the annoying beep. The drumming form Marco Minnemann (Nina Hagen, Paul Gilbert) is giving an extra touch with his type of perform. Also, Davide Tiso added some loops and electronic sounds (not the kick-in-the-balls beep!) into their music.

Overall, Through My Dog's Eyes is a very good album that fans of EPHEL DUATH already have in their hands and the rest of the avant-garde, experimental music devotees should give it a look. They have my vote. It's a pity that Luciano Lorusso George had to leave the band after this album. Let's just hope that his replacement Guillermo Gonzalez would meet the same standards.

P.S.: Their is a limitided edition of the album, with a DVD, featuring an in-depth documentary.

3 Star Rating

Silent Door
Bella Morte
Spider Shaped Leaves
Bark Loud
Davide Tiso - Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals
Luciano Lorusso George - Vocals
Marco Minnemann - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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