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Epic Death - Witchcraft Award winner

Epic Death
by Mike Coyle at 30 March 2016, 9:17 AM

EPIC DEATH are a Symphonic Black/Death Metal band from Houston Texas, formed in 2010 the band have just recently released their debut record “Witchcraft” in December of 2015.

We start the record off with the first track, titled “Hide”. From the very start we are given a look into what the band have in store for this release by mixing atmospheric guitar tones mixed with elegant keyboard work that comes together perfectly, creating the base of the track to which gives way to guitarists Nathan Chance and Dennis Dorsett leading the charge ahead by bringing a melodic, fast and very intense style of playing to the table. I feel that although the song itself is short. it gives us something to work with in terms of what to expect for the rest of the release.

Along the way we come to the records fourth track and another highlight, “Stay Away”, which opens with a very strong buildup of drums which lead us straight into this dance of destruction that is being played before the listener. It is obvious to see that the band have a very strong classical influence when it comes to structuring their material, as with each song it is as if we are being treated to an orchestra brought about by dark rites. When listening through the record I found myself feeling as if I was listening to Fleshgod Apocalypse as the sounds do sometimes match up a little uncannily, but not always. I feel that EPIC DEATH have taken influence from different musicians and artists to bring together a tone of creativity that works for them as well as an image that defines their musical direction to a point.

As we venture on forward we come to the record’s title track “Witchcraft”, now as I have always said when a band decide to create a song that is titled the same as the record, that will be the song that defines what the record is and what it is capable of bringing for the future. Honestly this song has this and so much more to offer as we enter the realm of “Witchcraft”!. The start of this track gives us a very carnival-like sound that blends together perfectly with the riffs and drums, as a whole creating a song that really hooks you and makes you curious as to what it has else to offer. When it comes to a title track like this it really sends your mind through a creative process of imagining what is happening in the song and how it may end as it continues to create a visual idea that seems to have multiple paths, this, folks, is what makes a great song and this is what makes “Witchcraft” a track to pay close attention to.

The next track is a cover of the Alice Cooper track, ”Poison”. Before starting this review I had listened to this track on the bands official page. From that point on it may me very anxious to see what this record had to offer if the band had that kind of tone to offer; honestly, there are a lot of people who try and cover this classic and many fail where a handful are able to give it justice. I am delighted to say that EPIC DEATH is one of the few bands that have given this classic track the justice it so deserves. If anything, the way that the band have done this track is having remade it into their own; in fact, if a band is capable of doing this then it shows that the minds of each member is one that is both unique and creative enough to have pieced this legendary track together into an EPIC DEATH song.

Going into the records ninth track we come to “Karma's a Bitch”. Starting with a very slow but very melodic opening “Karma's a Bitch” starts strong and builds ominously towards what is yet to come; I feel that with this we are in for something very interesting. When I'm right, I'm right; the song opens with an epic chorus that sends the listener through a waltz of chaotic themes and dark dreams that reign as a perfect combo of riffs and bass tones that come together like a hurricane of creative might. It is easy to see now that every track that this record has presented us has held something familiar yet different, by adding ideas from the Black and Death metal spectrums as well as a very gothic, if not sinister theme, to blend together in creating a record that stands apart as a very perfect blend of creativity, riffs, bass and drums as well as keyboards and vocals that all together become a masterpiece.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Hide
2. The Vendetta
3. Dragon's Blood
4. Stay Away
5. Witchcraft
6. Poison (Alice Cooper cover)
7. Screams from Valhalla
8. Eye of the Storm
9. Karma's a Bitch
10. Incantation of Epic Death
Justin Riddler - Bass
Reece Stanley - Drums
Nathan Chance - Guitars
Dennis Dorsett - Guitars, Vocals
Becky Dorsett - Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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