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Epidemic - Pandemic:The Demo Anthology

Pandemic:The Demo Anthology
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 19 November 2012, 6:59 PM

Like most people with an elitist, cunt-y attitude towards things, I don’t really care much for compilation discs. In fact, the only time the word “compilation” is really even good is when it’s done with pornography and is spelled with the hilarious pun “compilation.” But, this isn’t porn, and you probably don’t want it to be, either.

It’s almost really unfair to attempt to review this sort of thing. It’s not an album or original music release, it’s a hodge-podge of oldies and (subjectively) goldies that you either know of and love already or did in times long past. Having said that, since I haven’t ever given this band much of a go besides having heard the name thrown around every once in a while when Metalheads congregate and invariably attempt to one-up each other with the bands they can list.

With that being said, I can pretty much declare my mostly indifferent feeling towards EPIDEMIC. Yes, they were sort of one of those “almost made it” Thrash bands from the eighties, so I give them credit for at least not just being stale and repetitive in the modern age, although this is tempered somewhat by the fact that the band no longer exists.

The biggest issue with EPIDEMIC is that it distinctly sounds like so many other thrash bands without all that talent and skilled musicianship and songwriting ability to muck things up. Also, someone solve the issue of causal paradoxes so that I can travel backwards in time to remind this lead guitarist to do something besides shred a bunch of notes. He seems to have forgotten that melody is a thing.

Hey, before you call me an asshole who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, let me just declare I don’t hate or dislike this band at all, but it’s just missing a key element. If heaven only let in the really great Metal bands, I have the distinct impression that this band’s line-up will probably have to loiter outside the shiny pearly gates until someone like Chuck Billyor Jeff Hannemandies of congenital eyeball fatigue and bribes St. Peter to let them through.

It’s Thrash Metal, and I like Thrash Metal. But even amongst that genre there is the Thrash Metal you listen to relentlessly until you’re suffering from severe tinnitus, and the other kind of Thrash that you listen to once so that you can just pad out the list of bands you’re aware of. EPIDEMIC exists perfectly as that band you purchase just so you can fill the empty slots of your CD stacky thing. Makes a great collector of dust.

3 Star Rating

1. AMX
2. Live Your Death
3. In Fear We Kill
4. Thigh Rubbage
5. Three Witches
6. Finer Things in Life
7. Hands of Ruby
8. Silent Torture
9. Six Seconds
10. Circle of Fools
11. Tornado
12. Territories
13. Hate
14. D.C.S.
15. Peter’s Gun
16. Immortal Minority
17. Fueling The Fire
18. Time Kills
19. 6 Seconds (Bored With Nothing To Do / Cows in Hell)
Erik Moggridge– Guitars
Karl Fulli– Vocals
Mark Bodine– Bass
Bob Cochran- Drums
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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