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Epoch of Chirality – Nucleosynthesis

Epoch of Chirality
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 June 2021, 1:20 AM

EPOCH OF CHIRALITY is a “Progressive Sc-Fi” Metal band. With no entry on the Metal Archives, no info on their Facebook page, no Bandcamp page, and no info included in their EPK, I was not able to gather much information about the band. “Dawn of Chirality” is the opening track. It opens with some spacey keys. Light drumming then joins in. It begins a slow build, with keys carrying the melody. Guitars join in but the keys keep the melody. It has a somber but earnest sound.

“Undercity Rising” is a much shorter song…three-and-a-half minutes in length. Keys still dominate the sound, but that heavy, aggressive guitar and bass attack are quite fervent. It’s dark and outer space oriented. “Caravan to the Midnight Mountain” opens with light guitar work, and keys in the background. The guitars get progressively harder and push the sound forward. The bass guitar notes are quite nice as well…an instrument essential for the genre.

“Boreal” begins with some deep, dark sounds. Drums roll in with weighted guitars. Some harmonic leads come in briefly, then keys carry the melody. A dark and ambient passage rears its head, then it’s back to the guitars. “Pyramid Cybergod” opens with more of those spacey keys, done in layers. Little bells ring in the background, and ominous tones develop. Stalwart tones fill the air, and you feel like you are hanging on the edge of a cliff.

“Maiden Voyage” begins with fat keyboard notes and swirling keys happening at the same time. Guitars join in for just a spell, along with some xylophone notes, but the keyboards are the dominating force here. The song has a jovial sound at times. Trumpet notes also come in…is there any instrument that Rich can’t play? Bass guitar and more xylophone notes carry the track to completion. “The Abyssal Fleet” is a short, three-minute track, with tones of the grandeur, especially from the hard timpani strikes, and ominous tones from piano, keys and other symphonic elements.

“Labyrinth” opens with some heavy guitars, drums and bass, while keyboard notes dance over top. More darkness comes in as keys take over. The melody is distributed pretty evenly between guitar and keys. “Paradox” closes the album, beginning with some 80’s electronica. Rich is full of surprises, that is for sure. Guitars and keys take over from there, along with some fancy drumming. It begins to build to a crescendo, with magnanimous sounds towards the end.

I can see why Rich tags this as “Progressive Sci-Fi” metal, because that’s exactly what it is. It whisks you away to a distant land. Keyboards dominate much of the album, and they are done in several ways…sometimes lingering in the background, while other times taking center stage. The entire album is folded in mystery and darkness, with just some peaks of hope here and there. It’s amazing, especially considering this entire album was composed by one man. The cover art is amazing as well. Bravo!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dawn of Chirality
2. Undercity Rising
3. Caravan to the Midnight Mountain
4. Boreal
5. Pyramid Cybergod
6. Maiden Voyage
7. The Abyssal Fleet
8. Labyrinth
9. Paradox
Rich – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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