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Epsilon - Zu Richten

Zu Richten
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 16 June 2015, 3:40 PM

EPSILON is a Death Metal band from St. Pölten, Lower Austria. The band formed in the last decade and released 2 EP's and one full album. But in the last years there were some changes and the band that mostly played Thrash slowly became a Death Metal band. The band released their brand new album to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

Do all of those albums that start with electronic intros or winds effects appear to be annoying? Well, gladly not here. "Explicit Enough?" is opening the release in the way that I liked, straight into the experiment of the album without nonsense. Nice song, great performance, especially of the double base. But the problem is that there is a little repetitiveness. In addition, I think that the crazy tempo of the song is ruining a bit.

"Witness My Transformation Evisceration" is providing something that I think the first song somewhat missed, depth, true power. In my opinion it’s the strongest and the best song in this album. The band proves that they can play a fast but also deep song in their own way. Another song that I liked is "I Shall Feast On The Flesh Of My Enemies" which was so angry that I could imagine the wall of death in their live show. It is a kind of a killer Death Metal that has a really good chance to be a favorite for fans.

The problems began when songs such as "Nutzmensch Agonie" unveiled, where repetitiveness comes back to haunt to the extent that the songs merely evaporates. Another thing that annoyed me in this song is that there are so many elements such as fast tempo and solos at once that might eventually have you committed, too much confusion.

In the bottom line, I think that EPSILON is actually a band that enjoyed its style and in a way they have a fine influence such as CANNIBAL CORPSE. The band released a solid 10th years anniversary album that could measure up for a great live show in one of the bigger festivals. However, I think that the band should have invested more time in the writing process and less in the production for how many elements to put in. As I mentioned earlier, it is still a fun album that every fan of Death Metal will enjoy.

3 Star Rating

1. Explicit Enough?
2. Witness My Transformation Evisceration
3. I Shall Feast On The Flesh Of My Enemies
4. Ein Zarter Hauch Von Menschlichkeit
5. Torn Apart By The Righteous Animals Of This World
6. Nutzmensch Agonie
7. Can They Suffer?
8. Die Lebenden Und Die Toten
9. Im Namen Gottes
10. Die Schuld Des Lebens
11. Die Erlösung Der Menschheit
Krise - Vocals
Freaky - Guitar
Schmidi- Guitar
Urge- Drums
Mecki- Bass
Record Label: Mighty Music / Target Distribution


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