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Equaleft – We Defy Award winner

We Defy
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 05 May 2019, 5:11 PM

Formed in 2004 out of Portugal comes EQUALEFT and their second full length release “We Defy”. Now this band has several different styles mixed into one, such as Death Metal as well as Groove Metal. This is one of the most fascinating bands I have had the chance to review. I instantly became a huge fan when I first played the album. The Vocalist Miguel Inglês has a very unique voice and the Guitarists Bernardo Malone and Miguel Martins are out of this world. The Bassist André Matos and Drummer Marco Duarte really bring the band together.

The first song “Before Sunrise” is absolutely amazing. It really showcases how great the musicians are. I truly enjoyed every last second of the song especially the Drums and Guitars. The song kinda gave off some jam band vibes as well but I figure that’s where the Groove Metal comes into play. “Once Upon a Failure” is a beast of a song that got me riled up. The song really kicks ass and also has a sense of Thrash to it. This band is really a mixture of everything that is Metal.

“We Defy” really blew me away with it’s musicianship. This song is written beautifully, I would love to see this song played live. I really think this is one of those groups that over time will become a forerunner in the Metal scene. “Mindset” is another really well written song. It’s more down tempo in the beginning but kicks in and throws down. The bassist really stand out on this track which is awesome! “Endless” has a little Doom Metal mixed with Death Metal. This song really stands out from the previous songs. I really love how this album changes up styles quite a bit, yet isn’t just filled with chaos.

“Strive” opens up with some really thrashy guitar work that leads into and almost Djent sound. The vocals are completely different but in a great way that suits the song. I bet this song sounds amazing on a sound system. “Overcoming” is by far the most aggressive song so far. If I had to describe it in one word it would be EPIC. This song blew what I have heard so far out of the water, not saying there is anything wrong with the previous songs. “Fragments” is one that’s hard for me to describe honestly. It’s definitely very groovy and still heavy as fuck. This song gave me a severe “gorilla lip”.

“Realign” is the most Doom sounding song on the album for the most part mixed with what comes off as Tech Death. This song is really really good and I recommend this one highly. “Disconnected” is the second to last song on this fantastic album. It really plays into the Groove side as well as their Death Metal side, it’s almost Prog at points. The final song on the album is “Uncover the Masks”. I was enthralled when it opened up with a saxophone. There is something about a sax and Metal that I really love. This is now one of my favorite songs right now. This album is chock full of different styles and I recommend it for everyone honestly. If you get the chance to pick it up, you really should!


5 Star Rating

1. Before Sunrise
2. Once Upon a Failure
3. We Defy
4. Mindset
5. Endless
6. Strive
7. Overcoming
8. Fragments
9. Realign
10. Disconnected
11. Uncover the Masks
Miguel Inglês – Vocals
Bernardo Malone – Guitar
Miguel Martins – Guitar
Marco Duarte – Drums
André Matos – Bass
Record Label: Raising Legends Records


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