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Equilibrium - Waldschrein

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 September 2013, 3:24 PM

Into the forest I ride, with a sword in hand and a flute in bag, right through the belly of a hidden wooden shrine, buried beneath the trees, how superfluous is that? However, letting the imagination thrive along with the accurate musical adjustment, can be quite an experience. So why not let it run wild? Folk / Viking Metal bands, like the German EQUILIBRIUM right here, have been trying to run amok with their ancient tales, whether in their mother tongue or in English, and with more than a fair success. Nearly three years after “Rekreatur”, which presented the band’s lineup alteration that back then seemed to have rocked their world, EQUILIBRIUM stride through the woods once again, this time with an EP, a probable short raven cry prior to an upcoming release, named “Waldschrein” (translated to “Forest Shrine”), via Nuclear Blast Records. Without any real need to offer you people any similarities, which will be highly evident to you from the first spin of this five tracked venture and due to surprisingly fashionable direction of music, I believe that “Waldschrein” will be a short versioned feast to your ears, have your mind's eye at the ready.

Listening to EQUILIBRIUM, my first time listening to one of their releases in full, is like sailing, sometimes on frigate, yet I could have shared a speedboat with someone from time to time. “Waldschrein” has its Viking Metal roots as integral, yet the Folkish elements, like the minor usage of instrumentation supplements and of course the keyboards as the main act, seemed to be immersed with Power Metal flavours, sipping a few melodies, reminding me of the smooth flow of ALESTORM. “Zwergenhammer” (Dwarf Hammer), even without distinguishing the German language, streamed straightforwardly in a profound and victorious manner, reflected great guitar harmonies, chunky riffing, energetic tempos and guttural vocals though quite luminous. The song “Waldschrein” came forth as yet another bombastic fast thumper, quite harmonious and appealing, engineering to great quality. However, for some reason I found it to be quite common in contrast to various other Folk or melodic Viking acts that I came to witness. On the other hand, the song’s shortened instrumental version, could easily become a popular cellular ringtone. There are a few similarities to the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie theme, yet still a well done creation. I found the instrumental tracker, “Himmelsrand” (Skyrim), as an impressive show of skill and talent, an enjoyable smoothness and clarity. EQUILIBRIUM’s quality is striking no doubt. Finally there is the presentation of the band’s old hit, from the 2005’s debut release of “Turis Fratyr”, “Der Sturm” (The Storm), in a well performed new version with the current lineup. I listened to the old tune for comparison, and this new adaptation isn’t far from the original tree, and of course that with the newer production, its massiveness deepened as expected.

Though EQUILIBRIUM is no different than the next band in the corner of their world, their innovativeness at hatching memorable tunes, even in their language that isn’t universal, it is a cause for celebration.            

4 Star Rating

1. Waldschrein (Forest Shrine)
2. Der Sturm (New Version) (The Storm)
3. Zwergenhammer (Dwarf Hammer)
4. Himmelsrand (Skyrim)
5. Waldschrein (Acoustic Version)
Robert "Robse" Dahn - Vocals
René Berthiaume – Guitar / Keyboards
Andreas Völkl − Guitar
Sandra Völkl − Bass
Tuval "Hati" Refaeli - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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