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Erancnoir – Erancnoir

by Jorge Zamudio at 12 June 2019, 4:42 PM

This review is going to be… how I can say it… different; I really don't know where to begin because of two things: 1. I love Ambient Black Metal, I love Doom Metal, I have always been supportive of this kind of music, I do love the darkness inside, the long and constant depressive atmosphere this genre has, and, 2. This project comes from Tehran, Iran, and Islamic country where probably this kind of music must be banned and releasing something like this could be cause for your ass to be in jail! So,  just I have to say: ERANCNOIR I take my hat off to you for keeping the flame of black metal alive, even if it means risking  your own liberty.

Only 2 songs, but over 40 minutes of an atmosphere drowning into dusk, constant riffing, harsh vocals, and of course I love it when the keys appear. After all, it it's done with such majesty, and purpose, and it sounds like it was done in the 90’s.  I really love the aura that the keyboards bring. Its almost as if you were entering some unknown realms of Syrian gods, operating at all capacities. You see, that is  what this one man band has to offer. “Erancnoir” Is the first track, and it's 25 minutes of ambient black metal. Not so fast but not so slow either, with an ambient drone keyboard, a very noisy and constant riff, and blast-beat drum and bass lines that work pretty well. The lyrics are unintelligible, and vocals seem to really come from isolation. This must be the worst case scenario of  what  depression must lead to.

“Mehr” It is the second and last track, and it  brings you into an icy forest scenario. Alone, but full of amazing key sounds, (ISENGARD comes to mind) and a never-ending guitar riff.  The ghost vocals that seem to be  in Iranian, are again, depressed and bleak. The foster a mood that makes you want to be alone and get lost forever. Probably, not the most technical way to describe the feeling or the band, but it comes from my mind which seems to be in a similar place lately. I really loved this, and I'll be spending more time getting immersed into it, and quite possibly, I will never return or even be the same..

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Erancnoir
2. Mehr
Erancnoir – Everything
Record Label: Morrowless Music


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