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Erazor - Dust Monuments

Dust Monuments
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 12 August 2015, 9:16 PM

Another Thrash Metal Band to dig my teeth into, well, Black Thrash Metal, combining Thrash and Black Metal into one, ERAZOR definitely know their stuff and soon after, “Dust Monuments” became a classic in its own right, for me anyway. It was most extreme and intense, some parts reminded me a little of some MEGADETH which was very cool to witness and the sound trademark reminded me of TSJUDER, crazy, making me think we need more bands like this!

Two vocalists, one being the bass player “Fredi L.” and the infamous “Black Demon”, which made me laugh a little, but still the vocals were astonishingly loud and extreme, and great that you just couldn't understand any lyrics if you wanted, so if you are elitist to clean, move along. Having only one previous full-length album entitled “Erazor” definitely shouldn't be overlooked; if you're a Black Metal or Thrash Metal fanatic like me, “Dust Monuments” was a great addition to the Black and Thrash catalogue.

Hailing from Germany, ERAZOR have only been around since 2005 and have a few split demos and two full-lengths, making me think they're in their prime and are hungry for more. “Dust Monuments” only gets better with every listen, while the drum work sounds off at the beginning of the album, it picks up and gets better, that's my only gripe; they just didn't sound right in the first couple of tracks.

Starting off with “The Path Of…”, a catchy instrumentation opening with those awkward drum soundings I mentioned earlier, when “Roman” goes fast, it just sounds off, but they do indeed get better. I only recognize this within the first couple of tracks anyway, but the point remains, it doesn't sound awful, it just sounds off, but after “Total Might”, they aren't as recognizable, luckily. “Hell is just a word, reality is much worse.” I do however enjoy this statement.

Dust Monuments” gets much better though, despite the drum lacking on the previous tracks, “To See Them Dead” shows the inner Black Metal in them, while “Torchlight” shows the mixture of Black and Thrash; it really is a super mix and works really well. I'm left rattling my head a lot during “Torchlight”, see, this is where the album gets much better, and the drums are much, much better sounding.

Half way through the album, the title track “Dust Monuments” begins, starting off slowly, having almost a Depressive Black Metal vibe, but ERAZOR are certainly not depressive, more like aggressive! The atmosphere is strong in this section, the guitar riffs are astounding, great work from “Max Werner” and “Alexander Schulz”. I believe the TSJUDER reference is sounding strong too in this bit, or DARKTHRONE; one or the other… Point remains though, glorious guitar work here. And believe it or not, the drums are brutal and pounding too, so much better than from the start.
My favorite track would have to be “From The Abyss To The Void”; this had the most consistency for me, brutal, growling screams and an epic Thrash session on top. Perfect. The same goes for “Edge Of The Razor”; take note bands, this is how you Black, Thrash Metal.

Overall, “Dust Monuments” was a fine addition for me to review. I had a thoroughly good time listening to and reviewing this gem, while I can consider it a masterpiece, the couple of faults left me wanting to lower that rank, but of course this is just my opinion. It is still a fantastic listen if you're looking for something new or what not.

Check it out.

4 Star Rating

1. The Path Of…
2. Total Might
3. To See Them Dead
4. Torchlight
5. Dust Monuments
6. Out Of The Grave
7. From The Abyss To The Void
8. Edge Of The Razor
9. Evil Shall Prevail
10. In Her Tower
Fredi L. - Bass, Vocals
Roman - Drums
Max Werner - Guitars
Black Demon - Vocals
Alexander Schulz - Guitars
Record Label: Evil Spell Records


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