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Ereb Altor - The End

Ereb Altor
The End
by Yiannis Doukas at 24 May 2010, 3:05 PM

ISOLE’s Crister Olsson and Daniel Bryntse altered ego, here as Mats and Ragnar, continue their epic journey. A journey that somehow started in the early 90s with FORLORN and finally took its shape with “The Awakening” demo in 2003 and the “By Honour” debut full-length in 2008 via I Hate Records. “By Honour” took the minds of a lot o people with a perfect tribute to BATHORY’s epic era. But except this honor feel to the ultimate musician of Sweden, that surely devoted friends enjoyed, we must underline that EREB ALTOR put a lot of soul and heart inside that recording taking it to a higher level.

Truth is, starting immediately this review, that the sequel is not in the same level. The style has not changed of course, this epic and doom blend with the Quorthon trademark acoustic guitars and choruses are here. But this ultimate epic veil that the debut had present in “The End” is not such powerful here, imposing and mesmerizing as its predecessor. This does not mean that here we have a bad record. The dynamics of “The End” are so great that only if you listen to it you can realize it. Except this, here we have probably one of the finest EREB ALTOR moments, the “The Entering” intro and “Myrding”. Especially the vocal lines in the second one are so majestic that will entrap your mind and senses instantly. The three lyrical melodies are so inspired and full of feelings, making you wanna hear this tune again and again. The theme has to do with some children ghosts, children that died in a sad way and are now mourned for their life loss. The “…please give me a name - please give me my peace - bury my body deep down in the dark soil to rest…” refrain will hunt you as a nightmare.

“Our Failure” is also a highlight here but I cannot say the same for “A New But Past Day” (last track of the “The Awakening” demo) which is not so bad but somehow makes me feel a little bit tired. The last part is a clear ripoff of BATHORY’s “Nordland” era which is anyway the main influence of EREB ALTOR. The last three songs are a trilogy dealing with Ragnarok, a very common theme in the Metal realms and in most parts these songs are standing very well. Maybe in the last one, the doom-iest track of the album, I would wish for some more riffing variety. Except this the trilogy catches the whole lyrical vibes very well, especially in some parts they are very convincing; last but not least, this harder vocal timbre fits very well.

As I had said in the previous album review, if you are a BATHORY worshipper EREB ALTOR will give you great epic moments with a lot of Doom injections reminding a lot of their other musical face, ISOLE. A 100% worth checking release, with “Myrding” being one of the finest Epic moments of 2010.

4 Star Rating

  1. The Entering (Myrding Proloque)
  2. Myrding
  3. Our Failure
  4. A New But Past Day
  5. Balder’s Fall (The End Part I)
  6. Vargavinter (The End Part II)
  7. The Final War (The End Part III)
Mats - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Ragnar - Vocals
Record Label: Napalm Records


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