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Erebe – Aeon

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 February 2022, 2:50 PM

From their EPK, “In their new album “Aeon,” the band delivers seven highly personal compositions spanning just over forty minutes, exploring themes of grief from both subjective and narrative perspectives, finding inspiration from contemporary art practices and literature as well as individual experiences.” The album contains seven tracks.

“Structures” leads off the album. It opens softly, with clean tones, leading to a dark and heavy riff that pummels the ground. The vocals are clean and harmonized, along with some background ambiance. It picks up in speed along with some harsh vocals, but the melody line running through is never broken. “Drowned” opens with more clean, melodious tones and a lively jaunt. Though most of the song carries on this melody line, there are harsher moments as well. “Solid Sky” is another song that begins with clean tones that soon give way to another massive and heavy riff. The vocal harmonies soar high and it is here where they really shine.

“Replicate” opens with more clean vocal harmonies and a tone of sadness. Given the description of the album, it fits right in. Transitioning to a much heavier passage with harsh vocals and lead guitar fills, it segues right back to the clean tones again. “Sun Leak” begins with an aggressive guitar strike and some of those darker themes mentioned above. The meter shifts a couple times like taking a carpet ride through some grey clouds and rays of light at breakneck speeds. It settles into a warm, melodic groove at the half-way point, but it’s back to the ride once again.

“Moult into the Earth” begins with light drumming and some clean guitars. There is a tense feeling in the air. But you soon forget about the tense feelings as the vocal harmonies develop. It moves forward carefully and with the melodies holding steady. “The Collector” is a 10-minute closer. It begins with a long build-up to a bleak and heavy sound, then retreats. Clean vocals take over, but that grey cloud still hangs in the air. Try to keep up with the transitions here; it’s akin to all four of the seasons changing in one day. With the length of the song, it feels like it meanders just a bit from time to time, but it’s still a stalwart statement.

Forget trying to categorize this band…they are part Progressive Metal, part Ambient/Shoegaze, part Death Metal, part Post-Metal, and oh what the heck throw in a few other genres to flavor the stew. The album is pretty striking in both the emotional feedback it gives as well as the wonderful melodies abounding therein. The transitions are organic and loose in the sense that the music just continues to flow in and out of these changes. Wildly original, there is something here for all music fans to enjoy.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Structures
2. Drowned
3. Solid Sky
4. Replicate
5. Sun Leak
6. Moult into the Earth
7. The Collector
Record Label: Silent Future Recordings


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