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Ered - Evil Sorceries

Evil Sorceries
by Kyle Scott at 23 May 2019, 4:50 PM

Deep in the annals of some previously unplumbed chasm of some long-forgotten peak in the middle of nowhere live the tortured black souls of ERED. Black metal has never sounded so unholy in their fourth studio album "Evil Sorceries". Taking the elvish word for 'mountains', ERED creates rockslides of sound and devastating mountain storms of instrumental noise. Formed in 1996 under old name ERED LITHUI, ERED has been relegated to being one of the lesser known lords of Spanish Black Metal. And it's a shame! ERED manages to distill damnation into just ten songs on "Evil Sorceries" and draw upon tons of malevolent energy.

The audio is a tad rough around the edges but Black Metal has never suffered from such; in fact, it often takes full advantage of the effect. Title-track "Evil Sorceries" screams from hidden caverns, Abyssal's vocals reverberating off of ever stalactite. "Mortal Decision" has you headbanging at a steady pace while both "Nightreaper" and "Ritual Death" would rather have you running and screaming for your life in a hunt Most Dangerous Game style. ERED injects large amounts of violence in their songs, pure toxic riffs spew from Shogoth and S.B.E.'s fretboards, the two terraforming inhospitable landscapes with ERED's cursed sound. A bloody brawl breaks out between the Abyssal's bass and Jordi Farr's drumkit in "Malignant Spawn", leaving each other to bleed out in a pool of their own blood. ERED has a malevolent charm that seeks to control the listener and grind freewill to a fine powder between its massive metal hands.

ERED has always maintained a steady amount of rage in their sound throughout their discography, maintaining consistency, keeping their signatures honed to a fine edge. "Evil Sorceries" is ERED's latest sacrificial offering to whatever mountain god that refuses to release them until it is thoroughly sated.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Evil Sorceries
2. Morbid Descension
3. Nightreaper
4. Born from Ritual Death
5. Malignant Spawn
6. Ad Mortem
7. Voices from Beyond
8. Of Ghouls and Ghosts
9. Deliverance Through Time
10. Grim Visions
Abyssal - Bass, Vocals (lead)
Shogoth - Guitars
S.B.E - Guitars
Jordi Farre - Drums
Record Label: Black Market Metal Label


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