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Erotikill - Virgin Speed

Virgin Speed
by Adam Clarke at 04 January 2015, 3:55 AM

Have you ever listened to Speed Metal? Ever thought that when you moved to a different band that you’d get the same experience? If you did, you are certainly correct in that idea. I find the genre to be very simple, you play a fast riff, you get a bit angry, a solo comes in, another riff, end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s some good shit and I get dig it, but really, I always emphasise variety, and I am seeing none of it.

Take what I just described, and listen to the opening track, “Maniac”, and you’ll see what I mean. The talent in these musicians is tremendous, I mean, Pagono seems to possess an inhuman amount of stamina, whilst Bouras and Lumb have fingers of magic that create some the most insane solos I’ve ever heard, but one solo doesn’t make a song. I find this record to be repetitive and monotonous in terms of what it has to offer. If I had to choose a song to listen to over and over off this record, it would probably be “Slayground”. I mean come on, some of the song names just seem a bit too try-hardy for me. At least this one goes against the formula I previously mentioned. The opening I really enjoyed, the riff combined with the slower drums and the piercing ride cymbal is beautiful to listen to. We then get some METALLICA influences in how this song sounds, which I did like. The riff is heavy, it’s melodic, this song has a nice breakdown section which is something I failed to witness throughout the rest of the record. The solo is beautiful, technical and impressive. If the whole album was like this, I would be in heaven.

If you are a devout follower of Speed Metal, then knock yourself out, you’ll be in fucking paradise with this CD, but if not, then this is not really an album for you. As I said, the second track is one every metal fan should listen to, it’s brilliant, unfortunately the rest doesn’t live up to my expectations.

2 Star Rating

1. Maniac
2. Slayground
3. Metal Cry
4. Victim
5. Patriot
6. Betrayer
7. P.O.W
8. Enemy in The Midst
9. 1990 Band Interview
John Smith - Bass
Anthony Pagono - Drums
Dean Bouras - Guitars
Bob Lumb - Guitars
Vic Van Wie - Vocals
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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