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Eruption - Tenses Collide

Tenses Collide
by Cameron Ervin at 07 March 2013, 3:12 PM

Thrash Metal has its roots planted in the early 80s. Throughout the 1980s the genre exploded turning out bands like MEGADETH, METALLICA, ANTHRAX, and SLAYER to name the most popular. This underground movement also had a plethora of lesser known bands like TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, EXODUS, METAL CHURCH, FORBIDDEN, DEATH ANGEL, HEATHEN, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM all of which are extremely talented and deserve more recognition than they get. Throughout the 90s Thrash seemed to move back to the shadows as Grunge took the center stage. In the past few years a resurgence of the Thrash genre has occurred and innumerable new bands have formed, ERUPTION is just one of many
Once “Tenses Collide” gets rolling it doesn’t slow down till the end. The only slow part is a quick instrumental towards the end of the album, “Unknown Dimensions”. This record has all the qualities of a decent Thrash album, fast punchy riffs, tasty solos, solid drum work, and an audible bass line. The vocals are a wee bit different but they fit this style of music perfectly. They sound like a mix between ANTHRAX and KING DIAMOND style vocals. The guitar work is very satisfactory. Each song has a nice, unique, meaty, riff that carries throughout the track. You can easily tell Tim Tajić and Andrej Škof were highly influenced by Gary Holt (EXODUS) and Scott Ian (ANTHRAX) by listening to the chunky riffage they created on this album. Their thick heavy tone helps make them sound even more beefy, a sound almost like Gary Holt’s. The solo work definitely shows that these guys know what they are doing. “The Forlorn” has a raging solo that runs all over the higher frets making it very entertaining. The bass line is very audible which creates a firm foundation for the chunky sound ERUPTION creates. The percussion section is fairly strong and entertaining but there isn’t really anything else to note.

The Production of this new school Thrash album is top notch. Everything is crystal clear and nothing annoyed me about this record. Overall it was pretty entertaining to listen to and I’ll probably find myself coming back to give it another listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Fractured
2. Celestial God
3. Enter The Hive
4. Selfcaged
5. Last Transmission
6. Unknown Dimensions
7. The Forlorn
8. Unparticled Matter
9. Empty Shells
Tim Tajić - Guitars
Klemen Kalin - Vocals
Andrej Škof - Bass
Ivan Cepanec - Drums
Andrej Čuk – Guitars
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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