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Eschatology - Eschatology

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 August 2022, 2:04 PM

The cover of an album can be a lie sometimes. What these words mean: you look at it, and can think ‘it can be good’, and you’re dealing with shit; in others, it can give the idea of ‘I truly have a deep bad feeling about this’, and can be in love with music. Leaving aside the music taste, it’s not hard to such thing happen with anyone (if I name all the albums I bought in the 80’s due the cover, and the music was really a disappointment to me, but respecting the musical work of the bands). And it happened with “Eschatology”, the first release of the international effort called ESCHATOLOGY (the members are from Poland and Sweden).

This EP brings songs with that old and good Black Metal that is based on the works of titans of the past, prior to the Second Wave of the genre (namely, BATHORY, VENOM, and especially HELLHAMMER). It’s a raw and cutting-throats Black Metal, crude and fierce, but with that morbid and hooking energy. And even sounding as an Old School Black Metal band, their musical work doesn’t sound moldy or outdated. It’s alive, darkened and filthy, so what are you waiting for?  The sonority is crude and filth as the pioneers of the genre would sound, with an abrasive feeling permeating the songs (due the effects and tunes of the guitars). But it’s not done in a way that everything is entangled in a chaotic fuzzy mass, so it’s not so bad, after all, and fits in the musical conception that the band has for their music.

“Cataclysm I” (harsh, fast and full of rhythmic shifts, using a good work of bass guitar and drums to create solid sets of rhythms), “Cataclysm II” (that uses slower tempos in the vein CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER used, but with ‘bathorian’ abrasive and sinister guitar riffs), and “Cataclysm III” (a song with different tempos, using a brutal and oppressive outfit with somber ambiences that enable the vocals to give chills in the spine of the fans, but soon some faster parts are presented, with great guitars once more) seem to be a epopee in three parts. And “The Wound”, a sinister song with the use of snarling shrieks, is based on a slow and funereal rhythm with guitars bass and drums with clear influences of German Thrash Metal School in some moments.

At the end of all, fans will have the clear idea that “Eschatology” is a very good EP and works in a good form as a first release. But even without creating a new model, ESCHATOLOGY did a good work, but can do better than this.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Cataclysm I
2. Cataclysm II
3. Cataclysm III
4. The Wound
M. S. - Vocals, Drums
J. K. - Guitars, Bass
B. L. - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Shadow Records


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