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Esoctrilihum – Consecration Of The Spiritus Flesh Award winner

Consecration Of The Spiritus Flesh
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 17 June 2022, 9:41 AM

ESOCTRILIHUM is a one man black metal project from France.  Asthâghul is very prolific; "Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh" is his seventh full length album since forming in 2016. The moniker has also released two EPs. I have reviewed a couple of ESOCTRILIHUM releases in the past and found them worthy of much praise.  I was really impressed with how alien the music often sounded with the keys, giving a twist on what it means to be atmospheric.

"Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh," is somewhat different in its approach. The band is still definitely atmospheric but this album is way more intense and direct than the previous two full lengths. It is less about spacey, alien soundscapes and more about total annihilation. Although I do miss the sci fi tone, it is refreshing to hear another side of the project. "Spiritüs Flesh," opens the album and the different approach is felt immediately. This song is more guitar focused and the rhythm section is more beefy and apparent. The keyboards are still definitely in play but they tend to much more subtle. Death metal elements, especially in terms of intensity, are also present. The song only grows more violent as it goes but the keyboards add in a hypnotic feel that makes it all latch onto the psyche.

"Shohih," is a track I find to be raw and wild–the echo on the vocals is use to impressive standards, adding in a feel of harrowing energy and danger to the mix. The drums throw in groove here and there while the vocals have their own catchy cadence. This makes the song quite the ride. The later half of the song throws in some unique keys which adds to the feel of the song, which is nonstop torturous blackened brutality. "Scaricide," incorporates a big death metal vibe with the double bass and riffs but the speed and vocals have that famous searing quality of death metal. The atmosphere of this song is ancient and arcane and the last couple minutes mix that feel in with the keys and riffs for a strong ending.

The final track, "Aath," begins much slower with a small amount of build up before exploding into a barrage of drums and blackened growls. The vocal effects are well placed and bring back some the feel of precious albums. Overall, this is the most intense song I've heard from ESOCTRILIHUM. The mid portion is more alien than anything on the album and the last couple minutes incorporate some atmospheric moods. All in all, it might be a different approach but "Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh" is just as effective and worthwhile as anything Asthâghul has released.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

Purchase Link:

4 Star Rating

1. Spiritüs Flesh
2. Thertrh
3. Shohih
4. Tharseîdhon
5. Scaricide
6. Sydtg
7. Aath
Asthâghul – All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: I,Voidhanger Records


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