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Esperoza – Aum Corrupted

Aum Corrupted
by Sebastien "Bass" Parent at 25 May 2017, 2:27 AM

Hello Metal-Temple. This week I had the pleasure to listen to the new release from ESPEROZA. This is only their second album to date, but they crafted it with a lot of maturity. The band describes themselves as Extreme Metal, and indeed it would be hard to really put a finger on their definitive style. Ranging from Death to Doom Metal, dipping into the Black and Gothic at times, there is no clear definition for this album. The melting pot of genres isn’t a bad thing, but it makes for some “out of the ordinary” changes in pace between songs.

Egohypnotized” is a long and slow song that will make you bang your head at the start and wonder what you do with yourself for the rest of the time. It has a sort of depressing sounds that works really well with the feel of the lyrics. The move from this song onto “Unknown Summons” is a bit hard to follow, for this next song leans more towards Trash Metal and Death growl. It does seem to be a little over the top on the bass drum, but it does achieve a certain harmony that has its charm.

Tomb of Deeds” goes back down to a Doom and Gothic setting. I do have to question the vocal melody here, for I understand the musical discordance, but a greater vocal performance would have come a long way. This has to be my least favorite song of the album.

After a small break in the form of a minute-long interlude, we go back to the meat of the album. A gritty, slow and gloomy melody in “Blame it on Me”. The vocal performance here is a lot more to the point, with a mix of growls and cleans. Both mixes perfectly well in this 7-minute long song.

I Rot” and “…and here comes the immaculacy” look to work more towards a progressive style of music, with grinding and discordant guitars moving from slow to fast paces throughout both songs. This is definitely the best part of the album. The styles work really well in this type of music, and the slow and gloomy atmosphere created by the band is very palpable.

The band definitely knows their craft and use it very well. The musicality is researched and played very thoroughly. It does get a bit monotonous in the end though - the tone is pretty much the same all the way through the album. This is definitely a niche kind of music that will please the most fervent listener of the style, but might not stick well with other metalheads.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. A Broken Passage
2. Egohypnotized
3. Unknown Summons
4. Tomb of Deeds
5. Nocturne Opus 93
6. Blame it on Me
7. Periods of 8
8. Desolate Grief
9. I Rot
10. … and here comes the immaculacy / Aum Mantra
Zoya Belous – Vocals
Dmitrii Prihodko – Guitars
Vadim Cartovenko – Drums 
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Productions


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