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Estertor - Buried in Morningside

Buried in Morningside
by JOGANEGAR at 12 February 2018, 1:41 PM

Formed with different musicians from the local Barcelona scene, ESTERTOR was founded in 2016, and it only took one year for them to perfect their proposal of a debut full length album to finally show themselves to the world. Released in the month of October of the recently deceased two thousand and seventeen “Buried in Morningside” is an excellent example of what happens when the best musicians of a certain scene get together to form a new and proficient band that allows for the production of a different and more evolved sort of Thrash Metal hailing from the Iberian peninsula.

The way the record opens with the environment of an Adam Green Movie, (where the homage to the horror genre is undeniable, especially if you read the name on the tombstone depicted on the cover art)suddenly exploding into a powerful foray of sound and energy is invitation enough to get to know this Spanish thrash band with Black and Death Metal characteristics; creating a foundation to their first full length album called “Buried in Morningside” with sturdy song structures and dynamic guitar riffs and vocals that rely on a rhythm section worthy of a barbarian invasion right at the dawn of an unsuspected day.

The contrasts that are included in thrash metal are usually conformed by acoustic bridges and stunning  guitar solos, and “Naturom Demonto” the second track of this album will not let me lie, meaning the book of the dead, this track is based on the idea that the Necronomicon is not just a work of fiction, but an imaginative piece of understanding that allows for multiple interpretations and sources of creativity, just like the second track included in this debut album by this Spanish Thrashers. Seven tracks that gather the attitude and vision of Thrash Metal for the New Year, to show that not Barcelona counts with great Metal in its cultural and artistic stock. Notorious album to start the year and the best albums of the year for Metal Temple list.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Buried in Morningside
2. Naturom Demonto
3. Tombs of the Satanic Templars
4. Re-Animator
5. The Lament Configuration
6. Necromantik
7. Abysswalker
Edu - Vocals
Des - Guitar
Oscar - Guitar
Shogoth - Bass
Enrique - Drums
Record Label: World War Now Records


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