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Etched In Stone - Emulate The Defiler

Etched In Stone
Emulate The Defiler
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 October 2011, 5:49 PM

I always wondered what is the next stage for what is called by many, progressive music. Well, the best possible answer is that it will always remain progressive. There are many artists out there, meaning bands in the market that would go out of their brains in order to excite with some new. Listening to the debut release of ETCHED IN STONE helped me realize that you don't have to be too different in order to create an interest.

This US based Extreme Metal tech players' group follows the paths of greatly well developed groups such as DEATH while sharing similarities to the German OBSCURA. However, this band isn't totally Metal sort of speak as they do have stuff in common with modern Hardcore. It can be heard from some of their riffs, kickdown beats and slight vocal orientation. Nonetheless, the Hardcorish elements were far behind the fine metallic edges. This is not a Metalcore group for whoever had that thought running in his mind.

Even though "Emulate The Defiler" isn't a mega progression also in terms of quality, it did present an evolving team of musicians. They had their repetitive riffs but mostly they were quite genuine. The album offered a large selection of extreme moments that some were embraced by a different kind of beauty. The amazing bass and guitar works were in top notch. The solo licks, although not too many, were played well.

Yet, what I liked most in the material is the ongoing energies. Even if a track is less aggressive, the burning heart keeps on pumping. It felt like exploiting or preserving the momentum. Most of the tracklist, on its complexities, was more flowing than being drenched in the same pool. As mentioned, it wasn't perfect yet it served its purpose.

"The Martyr"was my personal favorite as it really touched my soul. There were moments where I felt that someone was screaming loudly against what he believed in, against things he trusted so much. The track's riffages fitted nicely to the struggle within this person while the solo added more to the ongoing drama. Although it will sound a bit of a race against time, I found the logic behind the storm. It is a person's mind racing against himself. Great work on this track. I mostly liked "Dirage Of Dimitri" due to its high powered heavy riffs and how those were with perfect harmony with the vocal line, especially with what could be considered as chorus. It had those nice touches of OBSCURA that were played to perfection and maintained quite an atmosphere. The cold clean vocals were a true sweet addition under the veil of great music. "Death Ends Red" as I see it was the most violent and fierce track of the list. Its riffs were assorted and mesmerizing but had that nasty CARCASS feel as it was portrayed on their last "Swan Song" album. I would have taken off the last lyrical line with the curse and all but maybe an all out anger has to be released in that order. "Birth Of Unknown" was practically a mystery to me as it was a bit hard for me to understand its ideas. In musical terms it went very well. I liked the everlasting energy that this band possesses. There are few riffs on this one that I would have minded listening a lot often. After almost six minutes it sounded as a long stroll through a street and into a barn or warehouse in order to find a gaggling child? Is this the unknown born? Interesting. Enjoy the birthday; the drinks are on ETCHED IN STONE.

"Emulate The Defiler"is a nice presentation of great musical skills and an insane mind when it comes to writing lyrics. The band is about to release more material so stay tuned.

3 Star Rating

1. Emulate the Defiler
2. Prophet of Descention
3. Dirge of Dimitri
4. Vispag the Annihilator
5. The Locust Swarm
6. The Martyr
7. An Enigmatic Response
8. Death Ends Red
9. The End Result
10. Birth of Unknown 
Brian Lewis- Vocals
Eric Wolford- Guitar
Ryan Erwin- Guitar
Michael Salet- Bass
Adam VanHulzen- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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