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Eternal Armageddon - In Light In Dark And Hate Award winner

Eternal Armageddon
In Light In Dark And Hate
by Craig Rider at 02 June 2020, 9:08 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON; independently unsigned, hailing from Bangladesh grounds - performing Black/Thrash Metal, on their debut album entitled: "In Light Of Dark And Hate" (released April 10th, 2020).

Since formation in 2009; the trio in question have an EP entitled: "Her Forlorn Monsoon" (released December 4th, 2011), a Demo entitled: "Black Thrash Bastards" (released January 14th, 2015) …and this here debut album that I am introduced to entitled: "In Light Of Dark And Hate". 7 tracks ranging at around 33:05; ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black/Thrash Metal amalgamations. "Black Thrash Bastards" begins the record; right off the bat…amplified adrenaline, and boisterously bouncy fretworks hastfully entice eardrums into a blistering barraged frenzy of uniquely versatile vehemence that thunders with stampeding savagery. Romping up speedy thunder, sonically riveting rhythms & seamless velocity. Trailblazing monstrously meaty manifestions with meticulously beastly brutality, engaging a caustic but gnarly fabrication of firepower & expertily crafted hostility that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs in a frantic blitz of bombarding executions implementing groovy elements with a dark but brooding aesthetic – forging chaotic but crunchy distortion and chunky tightness that revels with maliciously manic mayhem. This here band develop concrete grit with this shulphurously punchy production, while fuelling a jumpy slab of solid stability with detailed havoc.

Consisting of Asmodeus on vocals/bass, the frontman excels at a flamboyantly composed distinction of raspy pipes that shriek with throaty snarls & shouty screams. Lungs lacerate windows with shattering rage, ruthlessly unleashing potent wrath and a hybrid dimension of sinister bass audibility embellishing frolicking chugs that gallop with experimentally infectious injections of razor-sharp - no holds barred dexterity. "Hate Reincarnated" is an extreme example of momentously primitive rawness, ramped up with rough yet primal but impenetrable doom-impending guitar dexterity from Sarcophagous (also on backing vocals) & a healthy dose of complexly dynamic virtuosity that quintessentially provide quirky snappiness with rapidly swift nimbleness of outrè panache – an instrumental arsenal armed to the brim with exciting grinds & immersive intensities with volatile pandemonium of visceral melodies that ampage with vicious integrity.

"Hazam the Black Reaper" has this powerfully persistent perseverence to it, establishing an adroitly abrasive but grating edge that thumps with pulsating quakes from battering drummer Blasphemouranter. He hammers his set with steely yet rambunctious precision, offering a grandiose grandure of eclectic but classic Heavy Metal style reminiscent to that of ACCEPT's "Metal Heart" in a bizarre opinion of mine within the opening portion… revolved with more of those maddening blackened fused thrash mechanics…as everyone shreds the sound production with rip-roaring soars while nailing it into a crushing landscape of wildly rushing tempos & mercilessly cold-blooded empowerments of evil inspired characteristics that blend this fiendish mood of satanic blasphemy. The titilar track distils a dancing aggression with rabid pursuits of punky malevolence while mellifluously materializing that dark atmosphere with this borderline foundation of killer thrash patterns which wonderously assemble fluidly polished, neck-breaking harmonies…portraying punishing rebellion while salubriously subjugating one into a blast-beating outburst that oozes out ominously tribal slams…adding a mob-rules like, spoken-word segment mid-way for a conceptually effective but impactful hint of songwriting diligence.

"No Lord Above" is another breif but a ferociously brilliant mass of oppressively thick monoliths which spreads this mandatory yet splendidly zestful shroud with this profusely robust delight of euphonically triggering calamities. Creating constructive groove-bombs, adding a layer by layer formulaic of venomously oscillating rituals with titanic - speed-thrash tribulations. The more I listen to this brusing album; I get more pumped to rumble to this reverberating relishment of flourishing but hellishly demonizing proportions that with all intents and purposes, demands one to piledrive in a high-octane free-for-all, of systematically synergetic flows. The penultimate track: "Obey To None" expands acerbic vocal performances with potentially talented but addicting slick leads with this majestically pummelling silver-lining acting as a backdrop to the crisp deliveries every member unfolds for your thrashing needs.

Overall concluding "In Light In Dark And Hate" with the epic finisher: "Satanic Whispers"; contributing a sadistic attribute of no remorseful mischief with slow to mid-tempo compositions, and an astounding array displaying energetic finesse with prodegiously mighty results…I am compelled to say that ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON is a force to be reckoned with. They certainly outdone themselves for a debut as it is an enjoyably entertaining discovery, ramified to old-school territorial roots that helps keep these sub-genres afloat in this most needed resurgence of mordernized maximum terror as we progress through these troubling times. A filthy experience that most definitely deserves a handful of listens, as it has an abundant amount of replay value that will please your hunger for devilish and ahem… eternal armageddon. Check it out, now for an upbeat yet whiplashing substance of organic subtlety!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Black Thrash Bastards
2. Hate Reincarnated
3. Hazam the Black Reaper
4. In Light in Dark in Hate
5. No Lord Above
6. Obey to None
7. Satanic Whispers 
Asmodeus - Vocals, Bass
Blasphemouranter - Drums
Sarcophagous - Guitars, Vocals (Backing)
Record Label: Independent


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