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Eternal Champion - The Armor Of Ire

Eternal Champion
The Armor Of Ire
by Jessica R. Harman at 25 January 2017, 7:12 AM

ETERNAL CHAMPIONS is an Epic Heavy Metal band born in the United States in 2012. In the last five years the band has put out a demo, a single track, and a split album. They are back with their first full-length album “The Armor Of Ire”. The band is inspired the fantasy of Michael Moorcock and savage, pre-Christian war sagas. “The Armor Of Ire” comes in with eight tracks and a listening time of just over 34 minutes.

The opening track “I Am Hammer” starts out with a more Atmospheric and Gothic ambiance, but quickly switches gears to a much heavier sound. The vocals kind of remind me of OZZY a little. Come to think of it, the track seems inspired by some old school BLACK SABBATH. This track is hard hitting and almost anthem like. “The Armor Of Ire”, track two, is an Epic all its own. The music tells a story that the vocals only enhance. The guitar riffs are killer and the drums keep everything inline. The elements that this track is filled with give the listener an array of feelings and energy, but they still allow them to find their own as well. This is an Epic Metal track, in every sense of the word.

Track four, “Blood Ice”, is a two-minute interlude. It’s unusual for most but not for what this album holds. There is a grandiose guitar solo at the end of this instrumental that really heightens the energy, but the drum and heavy energy is what makes this little break phenomenal. It’s a reminder of the workings of down in the pits.  “The Cold Sword”, track five, pulls us right out of that pit with the energy of the battle. The feeling is quick, hard, ready to die, and winning. The guitars and drums keep the track speeding along and the vocals are intertwined within this track making them an integral part of the sound, not just for the lyrics. This track is excellent at pointing out

 The final track, “Shade Gate” starts off again with a more atmospheric feel, but still holding with their Epic Heavy background. The riffs make this track feel like the end is here, but the story is not over. There is more to be told in this saga and more battles to be had. The small spoken piece gives live to this thought.  ETERNAL CHAMPION’s “The Armor Of Ire” is an epic adventure in storytelling and music. The vocals are more soothing, but the music will eat you alive. The battles have been won with this album. If you are looking for some Epic Metal with a twist, this album is a great start.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. I Am The Hammer
2. The Armor Of Ire
3. The Last King Of Pictdom
4. Blood Ice
5. The Cold Sword
6. Invoker
7. Sing A Last song Of Valdese
8. Shade Gate
Jason Tarpey - Vocals
Blake Ibanez - Guitar
Carlos Llanas - Guitar
Arthur Rizk - Drums
John Powers - Guitar
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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