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Eternal Decay – Beyond the Ties of Flesh Award winner

Eternal Decay
Beyond the Ties of Flesh
by Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio at 27 February 2012, 11:38 PM

From the Middle East… again, Satan himself has appeared in the form of ETERNAL DECAY, and I have to say: Satan, this time you did it fucking great!

There have been many times since I started walking the Metal paths that I’ve wondered: Why in the fucking hell, most of the Black Metal bands have to be so lazy? They only do what MAYHEM told them to do 20 years ago, and that’s it, always playing the same old song, which also grows in the head of the fans, and withers there too.

There are few bands (and I mean few) that have been brave enough to try something different, to revolutionize the music and do something worth for the listener. “Beyond The Ties of Flesh” is clearly a good example of that, ETERNAL DECAY do not try something new, but they really put a great amount of effort in this release, a lot of orchestration, good riffs, catchy rhythms, they do not fear to use everything they had at their disposition; excellent growls of the classic Black Metal; really hard structures that make each and every song good and valuable, good use of the tempo changes in order to get the attention of the listener, these guys really have a lot of talent running in their veins, and of course, something that has to count most of everything you could say: The guts of coming from a country so religious, and break these chains of mediocrity with the intention to put their point of view clear and simple.

Maybe for some fans this could be something in the parameters of the normal melodic Black Metal, but I really fell in love with this album, maybe for my love to black, maybe for the musical complexion that is pleasant to the ears, maybe the fight they have been fighting coming from Israel, but one thing is for sure: they are something to keep an eye for, ‘cause if this is just the beginning, you could not imagine what comes in the way.

4 Star Rating

1. Beyond The Illusion Gate
2. The Catacomb
3. The Rise…
4. Darkness And It's Faithfull Servenats
5. Midnight While The Fall Of Light
6. Warlords Of The Fall
7. Atach To Yelp Of God
8. Barricades Of Internal Mysticism
9. Eulogize The Silent Funeral
Morax - Drums
Monarch Erhelbeta - Guitars, Vocals
Bendor Blackwolf - Keyboards, Samples
Record Label: Independent


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