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Eternal Deformity - The Beauty Of Chaos Award winner

Eternal Deformity
The Beauty Of Chaos
by Vagelis “Vagelan” Tiflopoulos at 02 April 2012, 2:24 PM

ETERNAL DEFORMITY, a band from Poland, originated in 1993 as a mere Doom Metal band, they have released four records independently: “Forgotten Distant Time” (1994), “Nothing Lasts Forever” (1998), “In The Abyss Of Dreams… Furious Memories” (2000), “The Serpent Design”(2002). The band then signed a deal with Code666 during 2007 to make the next step…

To tell the truth I had never heard of the band before this review, so I did not know what to expect… Facing the cover of their fifth full length album (the second with Code666), “The Beauty Of Chaos”, and the promotional photos of the band I hesitated to start listen it… I do not hide it, I did not like these green things… The album started with a beautiful scary intro which could be a perfect soundtrack of a cult horror movie! “Thy Kingdom Gone” what the fuck?? I forgot the cover, I forgot myself, I forgot everything, a silly smile came to my face and a strange mixing of Black, Doom, Avant-garde Metal and Progressive, overshadowed by intense and dark atmosphere with the keyboard playing a prominent role as well an incredible register in the vocals, took me from the hand to travel from heaven to hell and vice versa.Lifeless”, guys you are great!! This was my favorite song and probably one of the best songs of the year and not only… I have no words for this one this is not a song but a war between keyboards and riffs, brutal and clean vocals! I do not know which one won the battle but Heavy Metal is better after this music creature! “Pestilence Claims no High”Piotr Rokosz played his keyboards and Jon Oliva hid from shame! Tymoteusz Ciastko ledwith his drums to a path of madness where a madman, Pizemyslaw Kajnat, screamed with rage and pain and Przemyslaw Smyczek and Arkadiusz Szymus, two guitar stalkers, hunt everything supernatural found in their road… “Caught Out Lying”, “The beauty of the Ultimat”,and “The Sun” deform my music consciousness, I was reborn again through my own ashes. The last of the album “The Holy Decay” was a marvelous conclusion of this unexpected and unpredictable miracle. Pizemyslaw Kajnat with his clean “a la Anathema” vocals rest in peace my mind…What was the bad thing? Unfortunately this was the last one. “The Beauty Of Chaos” ended…oh that’s no problem we can press the play again and again!!

ETERNAL DEFORMITY took almost 20 years to develop their personal style, improving step by step, day after day, album after album. The extraordinary result is “The Beauty of Chaos”, a record that strikes you right from the first listening and continues to surprise and move you every time you want to cross the threshold of its chilling, disturbing, chaotic universe…

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Thy Kingdom Gone
3. Lifeless
4. Pestilence Claims no High
5. Caught Out Lying
6. The beauty of the Ultimat
7. The Sun
8. The Holy Decay
Przemyslaw Smyczek – Lead Guitar
Tymoteusz Ciastko - Drums
Arkadiusz Szymus – Rhythm Guitar
Piotr Rokosz - Keyboard, Low End Growls
Pizemyslaw Kajnat: Bass, Clean Voice, High End Growls
Record Label: Code666 Records


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