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Eternal Doubt – Tales of Roland Tebute Award winner

Eternal Doubt
Tales of Roland Tebute
by Mark Machlay at 31 March 2020, 4:32 AM

Formed from the breaking up of two others bands, ETERNAL DOUBT, is embarking on a new focus. Singer Marco “Peppo” Perazzolo, bass player Nicola “Berno” Bernardi of UTOPY, guitarist Thomas Scaranto of RISING SUNDOWN and drummer Elia “Elica” Sgaggero of both formed the core of the band in 2010. They knew they needed to recruit a second guitarist to solidify a vision and heaviness to their sound and guitarist William Gust joined after a very short audition. To further fill out their goal of a more melodic sound, keyboard player Jacopo Fabbian was chosen to help them rearrange their music.

The band endured continuous upheaval and an uncertain future early on and chose the name “Eternal Doubt” as an expression of that feeling. In 2015,guitarist Scaranto as well as members that were added after the forming were let go and replaced with guitarists Luca “Luke” Pergoraro and Alberto “Manz” Manzardo giving them a more defined power metal sound and with keyboardist Marco “Faent” Fanton added elegance and refinement with his elevated taste and additional orchestration. Stable line-up in place, the band worked and completed their debut album, “Tales of Roland Tebute” in 2019 and was released January 31st 2020. It is meant to be a collection of 8 different tales of life, love, death and legacy with the last 4 tracks being a single act being told from the perspective of the title character, Roland Tebute. The band is fond of filling their album with little “nuggets” or Easter eggs, one in particular contained in the title character’s name, leaving fans something to figure out even after the album is finished.

They sound like a modern version of JUDAS PRIEST, DREAM THEATER with a heavier hookier edge, or a toned down HELLOWEEN with progressive tendencies, None of these analogies do them justice. Singer Perazzolo has a very light approach sounding like a combination of Billy Joe Armstrong of GREEN DAY when he gets gritty and Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria when hitting the higher register. The guitars have amazingly melodic and restrained solos and never quite reach the aggressive speed of traditional power metal, tending to sit more in the old school classic or thrash metal of IRON MAIDEN or even METALLICA when choosing straight riffage, or progressive DREAM THEATER in their more complex and time/feel shifting passages, whammy flutters and unison lead lines with the keyboard. The keyboardist adds just the right amount of melodic atmosphere that allows the band to delve into melodic metal.

This is a band that seems to still be evolving and shifting into a solidified sound personified by their general personnel upheaval before even recording their first record. Never choosing to go hard power metal or embrace prog metal too heavily, they seem to be trying many things out. But for a first release, it is surprisingly coherent. There orchestrations and arrangements are hook-filled, memorable and highly hummable. Stand out tracks are the infectiously sing-able “On My Shoulder” featuring a powerful, emotionally-packed guitar solo, the full on power metal chorus and outro synth solo of “Following the North Star” and anthemic album closer “Ode to Life”

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Twilight of the Northern Portal
2. Devil’s Peak
3. Atomic Ballet
4. On My Shoulder
5. Following the North Star
6. Make Me Believe
7. Eternal Doubt pt. 1
8. Reaching the Apocalypse
9. Ourmageddeon
10. Ulysses’ Spech
11. Ode to Life
Marco “Peppo” Perazzolo – Lead & Backing Vocals
Nicola “Berno” Bernardi – Bass & Acoustic Guitar
Marco “Faent” Fanton – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Luca “Luke” Pergoraro – Lead & Rhythmic Guitar
Alberto “Manz” Manzardo – Rhythmic Guitar & Backing Vocals
Elia “Elica” Sgaggero – Drums & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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