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Eternal Flight – Retrofuture

Eternal Flight
by Erik Akos at 01 February 2018, 5:39 PM

Eternal Flight are a french Power Metal band formed in 2001, in Annecy. Signed to Massacre Records, they have released 2 full-lengths prior to 2017, and last year unleashed „Retrofuture”, today’s victim. Let’s see how good, or bad it is.

The record, like its title, is based around dualities, song-length and quality-wise. In short, Power Metal is probably my least favourite sub-genre of Metal - along with Thrash - but this is a record I can actually respect, and to a certain extent, appreciate.

First off - production. I think the reason the record comes off as more rhythm-focused (rather than having a melodic foundation, like most Power Metal) is mainly because of the way the album’s instrumentals are mixed; and that makes it possess a healthy amount of freshness. Other than that, I overall dig the more menacing, evil atmosphere, which also sets them apart from other acts in the genre. While most bands have a little evil here and there, I feel like ”Retrofuture” contained vibes like that in a bigger amount and with better execution. As for the things that I found less enjoyment in, well… Gérard Fois. His voice fits the music and I’m sure he’s talented, but his performance on this LP is really forced, and weak; and just painful. I mean dude, are you sure you wanted to be a part of this project?

And lastly - and that’s the thing I think no Power Metal band I’ve ever heard can escape besides BLIND GUARDIAN - is genericness. I’ll give them props for some little changes (see above) that they made to the genre’s clichés, but it still feels lacking, like it misses that extra punch that I’ve always felt was in Power Metal; and every band had the potential for it, but only very few of groups achieved. So, the verdict: nicely done. Honestly. I wasn’t amazed, but finally, this a band that at least TRIES to make something different, and even though they move in baby steps, the little risks they take pay off well. Strongly above average, and almost good.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Ante-Dote
2. Poison
3. The Journey
4. Retrofuture
5. Nightmare King II
6. Machine God
7. Routine of Darkness
8. Sinner
9. Danger Calling
10. Succubus
11. Labyrinth
12. Pandora’s Box
13. Angels of Violence
Gérard Fois – Keyboards, Vocals
Jérôme Fischer – Guitars
Thibaud Ducrot – Guitars
Cédric Nguyen – Bass
Thibaud Ponthet – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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Edited 17 February 2019

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