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Eternal Silence - Chasing Chimera Award winner

Eternal Silence
Chasing Chimera
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 29 July 2015, 5:01 AM

When we are dealing with melodic/symphonic Heavy Metal bands as EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTWISH and others that uses female vocals, obviously we can think of an eroded Metal style, that all that comes by now will be clones without personality (to be honest, the clones are trying to do something in 80 Metal vein, on Thrash or Death Metal style). But there are some fine and good exceptions on the world. And one very good is the Italian quintet ETERNAL SILENCE that now is coming with their second album, “Chasing Chimera”.

It is a warm and powerful way of playing Symphonic Metal (sorry, nothing that reminds what some calls “Gothic Metal” here), with excellent vocals (the great difference between their work from another band is the use of female and male vocals, using wisely this contrast), very good and heavy guitar riffs, and very good work done by bass guitar and drums, with beautiful keyboards’ orchestrations. And their music has more energy, as well as a strong personality pulsing. And this is very good.

The sound is clear and heavy in the due proportions, what means that the quality given to the album is very good. Of course you’ll hear and understand the musical instruments and all in the album, so be prepared. It’s a very good voyage in musical form, with good taste and great moments. I dare to name “Dreambook” (great and powerful song, with perfect vocals, excellent heavy riffs and keyboards, and a great chorus), the strong and powerful “Shades Of Dusk” (very good duo on vocals. As I said, this contrast works perfectly), the introspective and charming “My Cage” (an energetic song, with a more melodic insight, with some really tender moments using the female vocal tunes along with a piano), the melodic “Hypathia” (full of great guitar riffs and great rhythmic session. And for those who don’t know, Hypathia was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher, who was tortured, killed and burnt by a multitude of Christian fanatics… Maybe it’s a fine example of where the religions must be: always from any kind of power in hands), and the hooking and charming “Hell On Earth”.

It’s a very good band that puts heart and soul in their music.

4 Star Rating

1. Dreambook
2. Shades Of Dusk
3. Reverb
4. Unbreakable Will
5. My Cage
6. Hypathia
7. Astronomer
8. The Maze Of My Obsession
9. Never Forgotten
10. Hell On Earth
11. Chimera
Marika Vanni – Vocals
Alberto Cassina – Vocals & Guitars
Davide Rigamonti – Guitars
Alessio Sessa – Bass
Davide Massironi – Drums
Record Label: Underground Symphony


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