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Eternal Silence - Timegate Anathema

Eternal Silence
Timegate Anathema
by John Foley at 18 November 2021, 6:08 AM

Today we have ETERNAL SILENCE who are the modern day symphonic metal legends on the scene in Italy. They have been going since 2008 and have well paid their dues over the years and have supported acts like TEMPERANCE, THERION, HAGGARD and SOUND STORM. Their brand new album which is titled “Timegate Anathema" was released in October 2021 and was recorded in The Groove Factory. They are known from their fans by their powerful guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms, catchy melodies and massive orchestral tracks.

The first song on the album is “The Way Of Time" and it has a killer riff that kicks things off with the drums and bass and strings backing it up. Some cool lead guitar lines follow and then the vocals come in from MARIKA VANNI and start to command the song. There is a nice mix of her vocals with their other vocalist ALBERTO CASSINA and with that they go for a big chorus. The song goes down for the middle section which is very orchestral but the heavy guitars come back and bring it back up. Nice start to the album. After that we have “Edge Of The Dream" which has a very cinematic sounding intro. The band then comes thundering in and they have a really big sound here. The verses have this nice groove to them and at times the vocals are both trading off of each other and backing each other up. There are some cool lead guitar lines in the bridge, lots of power behind the vocals and a cool guitar solo that keeps the songs spirit.

The track “Heart Of Lead" opens with a lead guitar line accompanied by synths as the male vocals then pull us in. The female vocals then takes over as the riffs ate stomping in with a layer of strings over it. There is a nice rocking pace to this tune and the song has this epic feel to it. A guitar solo comes along that rips through the song with some nice double kicks from the drums coming afterwards as the band leads into one last big chorus. When “Glide In The Air" starts you get these synths and guitar lines that really makes the sound from this intro bounce. The synths carry on with the band backing it up. With the verses they sound like that are building to something and we then get a cool rocking chorus. The vocals here show a lot of range to them and the guitar solo shows a little  it of technique to it as the middle section builds to one big final chorus.

“My Soul Sad Until Death" has this awesome old school lead guitar line with the band stomping behind it. You can hear some good musicianship during the verses as the drums and guitars sound great. The vocals here stir the song in its direction to lead us to a cool chorus. This is a song you can really bang your head too and has a killer breakdown with a guitar solo after it  with some strings for its middle section. Coming towards the end we have “Firelfy" which is a short but sweet track. It is just acoustic guitars and string playing some really nice melodies here. The female vocals that are over this track adds some beauty to this as we prepare for the final assault.

Last up is “Red Death Masquerade” with some heavy riffs and killer grooves to kick things off as the band sound on fire here. The male vocals start things off as the female vocals then take over and we get this big build to a sing along chorus. There is a heavy almost breakdown style section here with a cool guitar solo. This song has a really nice feel to it and the band are going out with a bang as we get one big final chorus to play us out.

“Timegate Anathema" is a very enjoyable album for those Symphonic metal fans. There is a nice mix of both the male and female vocals that adds contrast with the female parts taking the lead most of the time. The band has a big sound d with a nice mix of heavy and orchestral/cinematic strings sections. The riffs are heavy and catchy too and plenty of melodies and great vocal deliveries too. There are some very good songs here and is an album that is worth your while checking out.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 6
Musicianship: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Way Of Time
2. Edge Of The Dream
3. Ancient Spirit
4. Heart Of Lead
5. Lonely
6. Glide In The Air
7. Rain
8. My Soul Sad Until Death
9. Firefly
10. Red Death Masquerade
Marika Vanni – Vocals
Alberto Cassina – Guitar and Vocals
Enzo Criscuolo – Guitar
Alessio Sessa – Bass
Andrea Zannin – Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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