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Eternal Struggle – Year Of The Gun

Eternal Struggle
Year Of The Gun
by Paul LaPlaca at 13 July 2021, 12:24 PM

From Tel Aviv comes the blistering onslaught of ETERNAL STRUGGLE with “Year of the Gun”. This Metalcore outfit has so many rapid-fire changes, vibe and groove switch-ups, and hair-pin turns it feels like getting pistol whipped by Ray Liotta. It is so richly layered and complex, I even dare to say it borders on being progressive at times. And while they may not be prog enough for YES fans, their political message would please AOC. A statement from the band reads, "We are appalled by all of the societal inequalities our world ‘leaders’ have created on our planet. Enough is enough. We wrote ‘On Broken Backs’ as a call to the 99% for unity against the system that oppresses us. We know their tactics and they will no longer work on us. Enough of manipulation, ignorance. We’ve had enough pain and abuse. We won’t let them shape us or divide us. That’s what they want. We have a voice against them. Stay strong! Stay sharp!"

This stance along with lyrics that focus on positive mental attitude give the music a lift and elevate it beyond the typical. First off, the production is absolutely out of this world and I have to give a tip of the hat to MADBALL’S Brian “Mitts” Daniels, the recording and mastering engineers and any techs involved with crafting the tones on this album. The drums ALONE are worth listening to this. The tuning, mixing, and mix are incredible. The guitar sounds are ridiculously tight and ferocious, the bass present and punchy, and the vocals perfectly balanced.

The first full track is, “Point One” which clocks in at 1:55 but they cram more different sections into this than a full symphony. The hook, in typical hardcore style is gang shouted - “Return to Point One!!” Any crowd would be screaming along after just one listen. “Year of the Gun” is up next with a nice, slow grind that will have you running for the pit. Vocalist, Ori Frank is literally one note at times and it can get monotonous but he is perfectly suited for this project with a full, bloody-throated roar that will tear heads off. “Indoctrination” deals with Israel’s three years of forced military service, a challenging topic and the songs dynamics and changes take you on a trip through, pain, anger, and disillusionment. Link to the video can be found below.

The pace picks up to break your neck on “Modern Slave”, with musicianship so tight and crisp through every time change and variation, I can’t wait to see this live. “Pride Kills” gives you another hardcore shout-along chorus and the unforgettable line- “WE ARE NOT YOUR FUCKING PAWNS!” This thing moves at warp speed, you will never get tired of the different riffs and ideas coming at you like a diesel train. The breakdowns are so nasty, I almost started a mosh pit in the kitchen. It is ridiculously well done. Again, hats off to the production crew- this is one of the best sounding albums I have heard in a long time. Fans of PANTERA, CROMAGS, and BIOHAZARD should really enjoy this.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Manifesto
2. Point One
3. Year Of The Gun
4. As Heros Fade
5. Indoctrination
6. On Broken Backs
7. Dependence
8. To My Enemies
9. Releechious
10. Modern Slave
11. Pride Kills
12. Propaganda
13. Last Path
Ori Frank – Vocals
Omer Meir – Guitar
Guilad Pinevsky – Bass
Ori Koren – Drums
Record Label: Upstate Records


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