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Eternal Flight - Positive Rage (CD)

Eternal Flight
Positive Rage
by Alex Farmakis at 25 October 2004, 3:45 PM

Positive Rage is the debut album of the recently formed band Eternal Flight. Their music is in my opinion melodic elaborated Power Metal with Progressive touches.
To begin, the name of this band might remind something to some of you. Indeed, it is the title of a song appearing on the first album of the French Heavy Metal band Dream Child. But this is not due to hazard because the founding member of this band is Gerard Fois the singer of Dream Child, who decided in the beginning of 2001 to split up with them. After that he decided to come back on a new basis without forgetting his roots. For this the name Eternal Flight was his choice for the name of his new band.
As I said before Eternal Flight play melodic and technical Power Metal with some Progressive influences. I could say that they are influenced by Dream Child and that most of their Progressive influences come from Shadow Gallery. Their music is based on good and technical guitar riffs and the keyboards are always there to help and to complete the rhythm and atmosphere of the songs. The drums are quite good for this difficult kind of playing which the music of Eternal Flight requires.
Gerard Fois' vocals are very good and make the listener understand the feelings that he wants to express. Sometimes his voice reminds me of Rob Tyrant's voice (Labyrinth's singer) and generally his style of singing. Also the artwork of Positive Rage reminded me of the artworks of Dream Child's albums.
In conclusion I would like to say that Positive Rage is a good and pleasant album. I hope that Eternal Flight will continue like this and that their next album will be as good as this one or even better.
-Album Highlights: New world, Beyond (The Golden Gates) and Morphoenix

3 Star Rating

The Masks Will Fall
All We Are
New World
Secret Place
Beyond (The Golden Gates)
Prelude (-ath Is Not The End)
Back Into The Light (Renaissance)
The Moon King
Sebastien Vibert - Keyboards
Nicolas Jeanpierre - Bass
Gerard Fois - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Christophe Offredi - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Alexandre Stellini - Drums
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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