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Eternal Flight - Under The Sign Of Will (CD)

Eternal Flight
Under The Sign Of Will
by Ian Kaatz at 31 December 2007, 6:53 PM

In the late 90's a band surfaced called DREAMCHILD and they were a Power Metal band on Metal Blade, which raised a decent amount of eyebrows. They were a solid band, but sadly they couldn't hold together; instead we get the band ETERNAL FLIGHT.  

ETERNAL FLIGHT began from the ashes of DREAMCHILD in 2001, which Gerard fronted as well. The members slowly came aboard one introducing the next to the rest of the bands and so on. Over the next 2 years they recorded several demos, but finally were signed by Cruz Del Sur Music and released the album Positive Rage. They did a little touring since then as well as record the present album.

The first track I didn't find that exciting for some reason. I am not really sure what didn't click, but after repeated listens I don't dig it that much. Dark Society is a pretty diverse track. I hear a little bit of Warrel Dane from NEVERMORE in his voice quite a bit during the chorus only. The way the keyboards and bass drums hits throughout the song sound very bombastic. Then the kind of Arabian sound from the keyboard is fricking sweet right before the guitar solo. Overall a really hard-hitting song and a great performance by each member. The third track I found to be a good track as well, though not as stunning as the second. The vocals are once again stunning and so warm sounding on this track that it kind of gives me goose bumps.

Forgotten Side slows it down a little and the vocals don't sound quite as strong here. The song lacks the power of the first few tracks especially the bass. I thought the bass almost totally fell out during this song. The fifth number on this album picks it back up with a nice strong riff that grabs your soul and doesn't let go. The riff reminds pretty distinctly of DREAM THEATER's Train Of Thought kind of stuff. Gerard once again sends you into the stratosphere with that fantastic voice towards the end of the track. Next Ones On The List keeps up the trend of solid songs, this particular song I hear quite a bit of GAMMA RAY in their sound but with a progressive touch.  His vocal delivery is also different in this song than in others. By that I mean that in the others it was more similar where as in this track he uses a different approach to the song.  It sounds to me like he has a more natural sounding voice. The keyboard and guitar swirling sound at about 3:15 is fricking amazing definitely made my ears perk up.

Track seven slows it down again, but this track is much more solid than the previous (slower) one. The guitar and drums really pound out some thunderous rhythms at about 2:45.Miracle Man sounds the most original out of the rest of the songs on the album and is really a stand out track for me. Though the influence I do hear in this track is PAGAN'S MIND. PAGAN'S MIND is really start to make a name for themselves so I think with song like this ETERNAL FLIGHT should be able to make a name for themselves without a problem.

I personally can really see ETERNAL FLIGHT going places with an album like this and hopefully their future works will be as good. I think that fans of PAGAN'S MIND, DREAM THEAR, GAMMA RAY and the more Prog oriented NEVERMORE fans should thoroughly enjoy this album with its various song structures and melodies that captivate and enthrall.

4 Star Rating

Edge Of Fire
Dark Society
Under The Sign Of Will
The Forgotten Side
Deaf, Dumb, Blind
Next Ones On The List
The Curse
Miracle Man
Ghost (With A Different Soul)
Gerard Fois - Vocals
Nicolas Jeanpierre - Bass Guitar
Sebastian Vibert - Keyboards
Arnaud Gorbaty - Drums
Christopher Offredi - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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