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Eternal Reign - The Dawn Of Reckoning

Eternal Reign
The Dawn Of Reckoning
by Jonathan Maphet at 11 September 2010, 3:09 PM

I just finished listening to the new ETERNAL REIGN album. They are a Power Metal band from Germany. The first thing you notice is the thunderous double bass pounding. “Beyond the Black” is a tremendous song. Dirk’s vocals are top notch and it’s very hard to tell English isn’t his first language. They made sure to make the language sound authentic. I only wish the SCORPIONS cared enough to do that. The background vocals are excellent as well. I like the overall atmosphere of this album. I don’t think they will remain a small project for long. I truly see this as a breakout album for them. “Lords Of Chaos” has a great chorus and Dirk Stuhmer can scream higher than just about anyone.The solos are artful and melodic. There is no mindless shredding going on here. I like both, but this seems to be more fitting and in context.“Shadows Of The Past” is absolutely tremendous song. It’s very fast and powerful! I absolutely love this song. This is Power Metal at its best. Bands like this is why this is my favorite overall genre. When done well, it’s as good as it gets, Metal wise.

The production seems to be top notch. There is a crystal clear sound to all the songs on the album. That is important to me. Old school is OK at times, but anymore I want to hear some quality. In this new century almost anyone can afford a good studio. It’s cheaper to record a new album these days and you don’t have to have a huge label behind you. Not that Pure Steel Records isn’t a great label, I just notice the quality of smaller bands’ releases to be on a constant upturn. My biggest surprise is their cover of “Devil And Daughter”, which many of you probably don’t know is a BLACK SABBATH song from 1988 when the only original member left was Tony Iommi. All that being said, my favorite BLACK SABBATH albums are the ones after 1978 and I think ETERNAL REIGN picked a perfect song to cover. It comes from the album “Headless Cross”. “Devil And Daughter” is my second favorite song on both albums respectively. There is only one ballad on this album and it is done tastefully.

I f you like Power Metal, then I am sure you will love this album. Show some support for these hard working guys from the Heavy Metal haven of Germany. At time where money is tight, bands like ETERNAL REIGN deserve it. I hope they continue on and tour an area where I can actually attend. I will be there for sure. I hope I see some of you guys there.

4 Star Rating

  1. Drowned
  2. Beyond The Black
  3. Lords Of Chaos
  4. Shadows Of The Past
  5. Emptiness Devours
  6. Lost Clouds
  7. Forgotten Sunrise
  8. The Beast Within
  9. Devil And Daughter
  10. Gone Too Far
  11. Still Remains
Dirk Stühmer - Vocals
Michael Sebastian - Guitar
Torsten Fünfhaus - Guitar
Jörg Hassel - Bass
Björn Meyer - Keys
Lennart Medebach – Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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