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Eternally Scared – Echoes from Beneath

Eternally Scared
Echoes from Beneath
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 December 2022, 10:38 AM

From Bandcamp, “ETERNALLY SCARRED is a Yerevan-based Doom/Death/Melodic Death Metal band-project from Armenia formed by main songwriter/vocalist Artak Karapetyan. Formed in 2017, this is their sophomore release, and contains nine songs. “Deviance” is the first. Solemn and charming keyboards notes open the song, with light acoustic strumming. The main riff comes in after, heavily distorted. The harsh vocals are spoken at first, then later turn heartier. The sound is utterly desolate. “Divinations” also begins with clean guitars and melancholic tones. The main riff swings with a hardened and catchy groove, with Symphonic elements backing it. The harsh vocals have a gritty edge to them and the guitar harmonies round out the song nicely.

“Brothers in Arms” is a bit shorter, but still features that nice combination of clean Doomy sounds with angry harsh ones. The balance is very carefully crafted, and keyboards fill in the cracks. “Stone Cold Blood” swings with a slower and groovier riff and some opening lead breaks. A cold and calm passage follows, with spoken words that are eerie and harrowing. The faster swing returns. The groovy sound is as catchy as it is deadly. “The Absence” is where much of the Doom comes from the album. Frigid, slow-moving, and hopeless, the whispered vocals are as desolate as it gets. It grows progressively more dejected as it continues on, to the point of you questioning your existence.

“If The Walls Could Talk” begins with a slow, melancholy start, but when the main riff kicks in, it is as powerful as Giant footsteps. The harsh vocals are gut-wrenching, and you begin to bleed slowly from each and every orifice. This song is agonizingly painful. “Voice Underneath” features a faster-moving and hastier Death Metal sound, chocked full of riffs and harsh vocals. “Eternally Scared (Part II)” closes the album. Following a clean opening, a harsh sound ensues, both commanding and powerful. The sound carries forward until a punishing sequence through the end. Overall, this was a fantastic album. The combination of several styles of Metal was as smooth as it was fiery, and ardent. The album took you on a journey, through icy seas, thunderous storms, and calm waters, where you were all alone with your thoughts for weeks. The variation of sounds and the balance is what makes it as good as it is.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Deviance
2. Divinations
3. Brothers in Arms
4. Parasomnia
5. Stone Cold Blood
6. The Absence
7. If The Walls Could Talk
8. Voices Underneath
9. Eternally Scarred (Part II)
Artak Karapetyan – All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Satanath Records


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