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Eternity's End - Unyielding Award winner

Eternity's End
by John Paul Romero at 12 March 2019, 6:50 AM

Founded in 2014 by decorated Death Metal veteran Christian Muenzner, ETERNITY’s END is ready to once again unleash an ultimate energy burst with their sophomore album. Due to the overwhelming recognition received by their debut release “The Fire Within” back in 2016, the band decided that they will continue creating music and crafted “Unyielding” as a result.

Their debut album gained attraction especially because of its neoclassical elements provided by the guitars and a complex keyboard work.  This new album looks to follow that exact same direction but this time there will be two guitarists involved, adding Phil Tougas to duel with Christian’s stapled neoclassical chops. Newer members also include Mike LePond of SYMPHONY X and the high-soaring voice of Iuri Sanson (ex-HIBRIA). In addition to the neoclassical elements that they will employ is the classic sound of 90’s European power metal and 80’s US power metal.

The album takes flight with “Into Timeless Realms”. Right here, it’s already an all-out, straightforward and highly energetic attack. Drum work is exceptional, firing cannonades of double bass that dictates the pace and emphasizes the tempo of the song. I also love Iuri wailing like no tomorrow. Another highlight of course is the solo part – which is not so “solo”. What you’ll hear is an extravagant exhibition between Christian and Phil – and you can’t count Jimmy out. And while these three folks are busy with the shredfest, Hannes Grossmann remains a superforce in the background laying down crazy fills and passages. Shortly after the solo Iuri comes in again to deliver the chorus one last time, with a much higher pitch – that means that after the blistering solo, they never turned back. I won’t be surprised if this very first song of the album melts some faces.

Following the epic opening track is “Cyclopean Force”. In this song they employed some thrashy chops especially in the guitars and drums. It also features a much heavier atmosphere and one main reason is the beefy bass lines. Complexity and technicality is what they showed in the next song “Unyielding”. The intro is big, the buildup on the verses is strong, and the chorus is simply anthemic. Even if the tempo of this song is much slower than the first two tracks, it’s not too far behind in terms of epicness.

Meanwhile, because the band felt like they are not emphasizing their prowess that much, they created “Dreaming of Cimmerian Shadows”. It’s a three and a half minute instrumental showdown. This track transitions to neoclassical offering “Horizonless”. It has a very good guitar intro accompanied by a really catchy rhythm. It also has lots of big choirs which makes it very atmospheric as well. Overall, it’s all about its heavy atmosphere, epic choirs and big choruses that collectively create a catchy mid-paced anthem. This album is one of those albums where picking a favorite track is quite difficult because each song has its unique electrifying appeal. But for me, my favorites shall be “Triumphant Ascent”, “Under Crimson Moonlight”, and “Into Timeless Realms” which I have already discussed.

Let’s start with “Triumphant Ascent”. I particularly love this song because of its classic sound. It’s like STRATOVARIUS covering RHAPSODY while on meth. Imagine STRATOVARIUS’ beefy bass, the constantly ringing keys, the shred duo and the bombasting drums creating a very catchy, very anthemic and purely magical RHAPSODY feel while also having lots of pace shifts and energy outbursts. It’s simply crazy, and amazing. The other song, “Under Crimson Moonlight” falls next to the very first song “Into Timeless Realms” when it comes of energy. Here you’ll hear Iuri once again throws high notes very few singers in the genre can match. It also has a big anthemic chorus – one thing that has been omnipresent in the entire album.

Closing the album is “Beyond The Gates of Salvation” which simply kept the pace consistent. They haven’t let go of the energy down until the dying notes, which is a perfect way to close the album that is opened by a hyper energetic song. There it mightily stands, applying the icing and the finishing touches to the (already) extravagant cake that is “Unyielding”. Tales say sophomore albums are meant to suck. But ETERNITYS END wants none of that. After the monumental debut release, they have unleashed forth another great material that will surely turn heads and gather lots of positive feedback – and it’s not difficult to know why. “Unyielding” is simply power metal at its finest.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Into Timeless Realms
2. Cyclopean Force
3. Unyielding
4. Blood Brothers (The Oath)
5. Dreaming of Cimmerian Shadows
6. Horizonless
7. Under Crimson Moonlight
8. Necromantic Worship
9. Triumphant Ascent
10. Beyond The Gates of Salvation
Iuri Sanson – Vocals
Christian Muenzner – Guitars
Phil Tougas – Guitars
Jimmy Pitts – Keyboards
Mike LePond – Bass
Hannes Grossmann – Drums
Record Label: Ram it Down Records


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