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Etrusgrave - Masters Of Fate (CD)

Masters Of Fate
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 November 2008, 8:56 PM

This is the first (in a row) off a total of three new releases from Italy's My Graveyard Productions notable label. ETRUSGRAVE is - as you can expect - a combination of the words 'Etruscan' and 'grave'; if you dig more, you can relate the record label and the first half of the album's title to a legendary Italian band, DARK QUARTERER. Fulberto Serena handles the guitars' work in ETRUSGRAVE while - I do not know if this is a normal band or just an one-off project - Masters Of Fate presents a good set of 70s (to an extend of early early 80s) Rock/Metal songs with long durations, mainly mid-pace tempos and vintage sound.
The differences between ETRUSGRAVE and DARK QUARTERER? Not many, in my opinion, but ETRUSGRAVE does not have at all the 'doom' dimension of DARK QUARTERER. In opposite, Masters Of Fate features elements of 70s 'fantasy' Rock (not something psychedelic, I'd state) and enough of the basis for e.g. early MANOWAR or WARLORD albums. There's a certain contemplation of performing in a lyric way, with 'warrior' riffs and licks/fills in the guitars section and some ample 'classic' Metal performance. The vocals of Hammerhead (member of PORTRAIT, too) are in general applicable, still he does seem to lose some control in high-demanding sections while he certainly fits the scene in more narrating/spooky/epic parts.
The production, as pre-said, is in anti-digital mode. Hence, you may not be surprised assuming the album was released in e.g. 1978 or 1982. The melodies and harmonic guitar parts of songs like Deafening Pulsation, The Last Solution, Lady Scolopendra and Masters Of Fate will put you in such a 'journey', too. And it's a long trip with few stops, since every song counts in average for more than seven minutes.
So, if you're not familiar to the plain primordial Metal stuff (think of names like early MANILLA ROAD, 'epoch' OMEN, primal WARLORD, European THUNDER RIDER, even 'occult' BLUE OYSTER CULT or 'primitive' RUSH and the 'nostalgic Rock' part of NWOBHM or the 'marching' section of US Metal of the ealry 80s) this album shall mean completely nothing to your 'polished' ears. Else, you're a proud as old-school as it gets metalhead and you already love DARK QUARTERER, why not the more straightforward ETRUSGRAVE then?

3 Star Rating

Deafening Pulsation
Dismal Gait
The Last Solution
The Only Future
Wax Mask
Lady Scolopendra
Masters Of Fate
Tiziano Hammerhead Sbaragli - Vocals
Fulberto Serena - Guitars
Luigi Paoletti - Bass
Francesco Taddei - Drums
Record Label: My Graveyard Productions


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