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Euphoric Defilement - Ascending To The Worms

Euphoric Defilement
Ascending To The Worms
by Keith Joshua Ham at 20 June 2013, 12:55 PM

I can’t understand anything and I’ve never been so happy not to. EUPHORIC DEFILEMENT is a Thrashy guttural fest of… Death (I suppose). The band name and the album name (“Ascending To The Worms”) are in no means simply there for shock or aesthetic.  There is no ‘core’ to be found, no horrifically down-tuned Djent and no symphonic choruses or melodic meandering – there is no bullshit to be found here. EUPHORIC DEFILEMENT is pure heavy.

However, in this purity there is flaw. The vocals, the guttural winding things they are, are completely unable to be understood. I suppose the idea is for them to be somewhat demonic, playing on deep and disturbing rather than Black Metal’s trend of pitchy howling extremity. They work like that. Though, even so, the vocals feel very much on top of the music – as if they aren’t quite on the same level as the music. I’m not sure if whomever engineered or mixed this was hoping on it to be blasted, thus helping the vocals with natural acoustics, or just wasn’t sure on how to handle them. Call it a side-effect of my Black Metal ventures – but a little sense of space (i.e. reverb) might have been a nice addition to “Ascending To The Worms”.

EUPHPORIC DEFILEMENT is good, really good. So if you like it heavy, which if you are reading this – I expect you do, than by all means check this out. If what I’ve said hasn’t enticed you the track “A Peaceful Descent” is an amazing instrumental bass solo track… something I suggest you check out.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro (Quietus)
2. To Postulate Unconditional Perversions
3. Fragments of the Paradigm
4. Rending Shades of Deformity
5. Abolishing the Divine Structure
6. Dysfunction
7. Echoes/Deprivation of the Quintessential Source
8. A Peaceful Descent
9. Consume to Defile
10. Ascending to the Worms
11. Virulent Affliction
Gabe Lopez - Drums
Juan Hernandez - Guitars
Andrew Villarreal - Vocals
Tom Myers - Bass
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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