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Evadne - A Mother Named Death

A Mother Named Death
by Chen May at 10 October 2017, 11:52 AM

EVADNE’s third full-length album “A Mother Named Death” is an aggressively melancholic production that plays music to the likes of bands such as SWALLOW THE SUN. Depressive yet strangely calming, it is filled with emotive guitar riffs, aggressive growls and soothing cleans. The Spanish band is comprised of lead vocalist Albert Conejero, guitarists Josan Martin and Marc Chulia, bassist Jose Quilis and drummer and backing vocalist Joan Esmel.

“Abode Of Distress” sets the somber tone of “A Mother Named Death”. A heavy track that features warm guitar tones and piano accompaniments, listeners are soon greeted with the deep growls of lead vocalist Albert. Backing vocalist Joan handles clean singing duties, where his vocals mingle with the former’s gutturals within the chorus. However, both vocalist’s voices do not complement each other well in this track. Fortunately, “Scars That Bleed Again” marks a significant improvement in comparison to the previous track. The beats are thunderous, the vocals are as harsh as ever and the atmosphere is downright sullen. Feminine whispers echo near the end of the track, shrouding the song with a ghostly air of eeriness and mystery.

Gentle riffs cloak the opening of “Morningstar Song”, among which Joan’s smooth voice can be heard as he croons the first few lines of the track. As the tempo picks up its pace, his voice is soon joined by Albert’s growls, the latter crushing you with immense intensity. This track features Ana Carolina on female vocals as well, her frail, sweet voice sounding vulnerable against the masculine growls of Albert’s. “Heir Of Sorrow” marks an tonal shift towards the upbeat with its guitar leads and somewhat faster tempo. “Colossal” ends with a soothing guitar passage that makes you want to close your eyes and savor the calmness that slowly engulfs you.

Being the shortest track on this album, the instrumental “88.6” kicks off with a piano solo. The keys dance between heavy and delicate, which soon crescendo into a mass of layered riffs, bass lines and drumming. “Black Womb Of Light” has the occasional hint of gothic metal, its darkly alluring melodies and riffs backed by the dulcet tones of the piano evoking a solemn atmosphere. The vocal passages are dominated entirely by growls that occasionally shift towards snarls. Despite the aggression of these harsh vocals, this does not take away the tender ambient of the track. Lastly, “The Mourn Of The Oceans” takes you to a trip by the sea with its ambient soundscapes and haunting melodies.

“A Mother Named Death” is one of those albums that will make you sit down and contemplate life’s agonies and woes. As strange as it sounds, there exists moments that will pacify you as well, with the melodic rhythms and clean vocals numbing the senses. In other words, EVADNE’s latest album should not be missed.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Abode Of Distress
2. Scars That Bleed Again
3. Morningstar Song
4. Heirs Of Sorrow
5. Colossal
6. 88.6
7. Black Womb Of Light
8. The Mourn Of The Oceans
Albert Conejero - Vocals
Josan Martin - Guitars
Jose Quilis - Bass
Joan Esmel - Drums/Vocals
Marc Chulia – Guitars
Record Label: Solitude Productions


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