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Evans and Stokes - Children of God Award winner

Evans and Stokes
Children of God
by JoJo Hamilton at 05 December 2019, 1:07 AM

Children Of God” Is the new album from EVANS AND STOKES which was released on 25th September 2019. Its an alum featuring 11 new tracks and is the bands 3rd album. The band consists of 2 members taking on various rolls. Jenny Stokes brings the vocals and piano while John Evans brings us the bass and guitars. The new album is about such historical events as The Crusades and also covers other topics such as personal addiction and temptation. Its a fairly heavy album both lyrically and musically. The band members are from radically different places, John Evans being from Pennsylvania and Jenny Stokes hailing from New Zealand. Together they bring sweet music in the form of their 3rd album “Children Of God”. The band fit into the Hard Rock, Alternative Gothic Metal genres, a “marriage” of genre’s the band say. And rightly so as its difficult to pin their sound to one genre.

The album features 11 well presented songs, including the title track “Children Of God”.  A song with a strong rhythm to it and a powerful vocal front by Jenny Stokes. Its a fine track to open the album as it gives a flavour of what’s to follow. “Flames Of Notre Dame” is a good track. A melodic song that is best played at a loud volume. Its 3 minutes 15 seconds of hard rock at its finest. Thought provoking would be a way to describe the song “Dead-Eye’d Dolls”. It has an almost eerie opening of hide and seek. With a haunting background its a song that takes you to a dark place and fires up the imagination. At 3 minutes 19 seconds is “Evildoer” with a softer opening that gives way to the heavier riffs on the guitars and bass. Another track to listen out for on the new album is “Wicked Ways”. A song which opens gently and remains a softly performed song. With fine instrumentals in the foreground its a smooth song to listen to. The entire album is a good overall album to get tuned into.

In my opinion its quite an epic album. Biblical and thought provoking, and album to turn up loud on a rainy day. The band continue to show growth as the 3rd album circulates gaining new fans and a wider audience. There are no tour dates at the moment, however that’s not to say the band won’t announce a tour of the album at a later date. A band who are going places with a solid career and solid music/lyrics to back them up. For those who follow EVANS AND STOKES the new album will be a welcome addition to their collection. The band will enjoy engaging new fans as the album reaches new audiences with more air play. A fine example of Alternative/Heavy Metal. Exceptionally well produced by the 2 piece. EVANS AND STOKES have far to go. No doubt we will hear lots more from the duo in the future.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Children Of God
2. Soul To Keep
3. Oppenheimer’s Tragedy
4. Flames Of Notre Dame
5. Godforsaken
6. Dead-Eye’d Dolls
7. Evildoer
8. The Devil’s Tongue
9. Wicked Ways
10. Savior
11. Garden Of Eden
Jenny Stokes – Vocals and Piano
John Evans – Guitar and Bass
Record Label: Independent


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