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Even Flow – Mother

Even Flow
by Santiago Puyol at 21 August 2019, 4:43 PM

Italian Progressive Metal band EVEN FLOW is releasing their new EP, "Mother", on Sep. 9, 2019, following the release of their third album, "Life Has Just Begun", in 2017. Emphasizing the presence of acoustic guitars and percussion, "Mother" presents a sound with strong influence of Classic Rock in its seventeen minutes divided among five songs.

"Fly" opens the record with energy in its brief three minutes of length. With a Hard Rock vibe, accented with dramatic arrangements of synthesized strings and a deep, groovy bassline, its melodies quickly stick to your memory. The chorus is powerful and memorable, as Marco Pastorino's voice gets a moment to shine.

Percussion-led "Ancient Memories" follows, bringing with it influences from SANTANA and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS alike, with a Jam Band sound. UMPHREY'S MCGEE or WIDESPREAD PANIC could be a reference point closer in time. Pietro Paolo Lunesu's fingerpicking technique is simply exquisite. Sonorities of American Southern Rock sneak in, as well as jazzy vibes in the piano playing.

"Strong" introduces electronic elements with greater force, even when it relegates them to be a sound mattress on which the song is built. A short drum solo allows a moment for Giorgio Lunesu to shine. Meanwhile, his brother, Pietro Lunesu, ends up channeling Mark Knopfler in a melancholic guitar solo. Songwriting remains as memorable as before.

The ballad from the album comes next. "Sun" emphasizes nostalgic melodies with profound, emotional singing by Pastorino and synth embellishments that never feel cheesy. "Lucky Man" by EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER seems a clear point of reference, more noticeable in the last third of the song, with Moog (or a synthesizer that sounds similar) lines that recalls the end of that ballad by the giants of ‘70s Progressive Rock.

The closer, "Sunrise", is a sweet little instrumental with complex fingerpicking, tribal-sounding percussion and a bittersweet spirit between happy and melancholic. It feels like the kind of song you could improvise a lot live.

EVEN FLOW adopts a very ‘70s, Classic Rock sound in "Mother", and although it falls in relatively known places, it shines in the execution. The warm and gentle production allows each instrument to shine, without being too glossy. Luca Negro's bass provides melody and rhythm in equal parts, neither getting lost in the mix nor being too loud. Choosing a short song format, mostly around three minutes long, turns out to be an inspired decision.

All in all, "Mother" is an enjoyable, fun EP with solid songwriting and catchy melodies.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Fly
2. Ancient Memories
3. Strong
4. Sun
5. Sunrise
Marco Pastorino – Vocals
Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Backing Vocals and Guitar
Giorgio Lunesu – Drums
Luca Negro – Bass
Record Label: Mjriam Inc.


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